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Friday, February 12, 2016

The slow lane......

Considering the heatwave we are currently experiencing TLE and I decided to take an early 'out and back' walk, and then stop off at Simple Simon's for pastry and coffee on the way home.  Essentially, our 'out and back' walk takes us along Mission Inn Ave. all the way to the Mt. Rubidoux Road bridge and back.....it is just over 3 miles. 

We left the coach just before 0830.....normally it would have been way too cold at that time of day for just shorts and a t-shirt, but that is exactly what we were wearing as we set out on our trek.  The first couple of blocks we were sheltered from the morning sun by the shade trees along the street, but as soon as we crossed under the 91 FWY bridge we were in the sun, and it warmed up quickly.  We made our turn around just after 0900 and were back to Simple Simon's by 0915.  TLE ordered a croissant to go with her coffee and I a bagel with cream cheese.......sitting outside with the sound classical music wafting up and down the mall over the outdoor speakers enjoying the early morning air is always special for us, and we lingered over our coffee until after 1000 hours before finishing our walk home.

I spent a little more time sorting through items from the trailer, and disposing of a few more things.  I took a picture of our two beach chairs, which we love, but have only actually used once in the last 4 years......

.......and sent the picture to one of my daughters whom I believed would want them and got a quick message back that she did......so they have found a new home where hopefully they will be used!

Around 1330 I drove up to my son Chris' office in Rancho Cucamonga to pick up my mail which included most of the documents I need to file my taxes for 2015.....only TLE's W-2 from Tahoe Valley Campground was missing, and we were able to download that from the ADP website, so now I can get our taxes filed.  I hadn't had a chance to discuss the Super Bowl with my son, so we talked for quite a while about the game......he was for the Broncos, too.

The rest of the afternoon we spent outside reading and just enjoying the balmy February climate.......life is good!

Thanks for stopping by!

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