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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Pig 2.25

So far we have avoided turning on the A/C during this winter heat wave.....Friday the temps edged up close to 90 degrees.  When it gets too warm inside we just move out side to our anti gravity loungers......

....fortunately it looks like the heat wave will abate by the middle of the week when rain is forecast.  

TLE spent time inside vacuuming and doing some deep cleaning while I spent time in the trailer finding places for some tools I brought over from our house.....you never know when you will need a large clamp!  I forget I had these, and there have been a few occasions when I have wished I had something bigger than the 'C' clamps I carry with me......

I've written about one of our favorite Riverside restaurant, The Salted Pig, previously, but it has been a while since we ate there, so we decided to head over about 1500 hours for a very late lunch and a couple of brews.  This is one of the benefits of no longer being part of the workaday world.......this restaurant gets quite crowded and noisy after 1700, but at 1500 it is quite peaceful and you can carry on a conversation.  This is not a micro brewery, however, they feature great craft beer from around the country.  This day TLE chose a Lost Abbey Serpent Stout, and I a Founders Breakfast Stout......we split one of their hamburgers (The Pig 2.25) and an order of their Ale Battered Dates.  The Founders Breakfast Stout had this unmistakable coffee taste.....very smooth.....a great sipping draft beer.

We were back home about 1630 relaxing outside and reading until the cool evening air chased us back inside.....thanks for stopping by!

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