Sunday, November 20, 2016

One on one.........

8:44 am - Sunday - 61 F degrees, 31% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the southeast....ahhhh....a's always out of the north here.  We got a little rain overnight, but have awakened to partly cloudy skies.

Since the temps have cooled so much TLE and I decided to take an  'out and back' walk on the PET**......we had high clouds which dampened the effect of direct sunlight.  We left to walk around 10:30 intending to walk at least 1.5 miles out before turning around, and we hit that just as we were coming up to Palmetto.  In all we covered just over 3 miles in about 57 minutes averaging about 3.3 mph.

Walkin' the PET**

There were a number of interesting college football games which I flipped between most of the morning.....a number of them were being played in areas being hit by freezing temps and fact the Michigan vs. Indiana game ended in near blizzard conditions.

A couple of weeks ago after arriving home we got together with all our kids, except our son Chris and his family, who were out of town.  We love being together with all our kids at one time, but as we get older we find we don't do as well in large groups, especially when it gets noisy as many conversations are in progress.  Naturally, with age comes diminished hearing, and we find that it is hard to hear what is being said when there are many conversations in progress, so we always make it a point to get together with our kids and their families one on one while we are in town.  We were disappointed that Chris, Rochelle, Christopher, Cynthia and our great grandson D.C. could not be on hand, and we knew they also would not be in town for Thanksgiving, so we asked Tim (our son) and Laila (his fiance) to set up a BBQ at a later date when we could spend time with Chris and his family in a less noisy environment.....that night was Saturday night.

We arrived at Tim and Laila's home around 4 pm and everyone was already there......we spent time with my oldest grandson, Christopher, and his girl friend Lena.......we enjoyed getting to know Lena, and spending time with Christopher.....can't believe he is 16 years old and has a drivers is it possible that much time has passed .......

Lena (left) and Christopher (right)

......had great one on one conversations with our sons Chris and Tim, pictured below.....

 Chris (left) and Tim (right)

.....and with Rochelle and Laila.........

 I have a lot of beautiful ladies in my life.....TLE, The Amazing Rochelle (left) and The Beautiful Laila (right)

 TBL and TAR*

Tim BBQ'd ribs, his first time, and they came out wonderfully.  Laila provided a wonderfully tossed salad with Bleu Cheese dressing, and rice as sides.  We had a great time having one on one was just how I saw my day ending.  I'm looking forward to some more one on one time with our girls over the next couple of weeks, but first up is THANKSGIVING!  We'll have everyone there except Chris and Rochelle who will be spending Thanksgiving, as they usually do, boondocking out in the high desert in their Class A diesel pusher.

Thanks for stopping by!

*TBL and TAR = The Beautiful Laila and The Amazing Rochelle
**PET = Pacific Electric Trail

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