Monday, November 7, 2016

Un 'useful idiots'....

7:36 am - Monday - 59 F degrees, 46% humidity, wind 1 mph out of NNW.....the temps dipped briefly Sunday in to the high 70's, but for the next 10 days they will be in the high 80's to low 90's......summer is still hanging on here in SoCal, that is for sure!

Of course, it goes without saying that Sunday was NFL day......'NFL Sunday Ticket' day to be precise.  As any of you know who are NFL fans, the bulk of the games played each Sunday begin at 1 pm Eastern Time (10 am Pacific Time), and that is when I benefit most from NFL Sunday Ticket.....typically the Networks (CBS/FOX) show one game at 10 am Pacific Time (sometimes there are two Network games on Sunday) and the rest are on NFL Sunday Ticket......more often than not I care not care less about the Network game, and spend 90% of my time going between all the Sunday Ticket games.  There were no international games Sunday, so the first game was at 10 am Pacific Time, and with a very few exceptions during the day I spent my time in my recliner watching the NFL.

TLE spent the day it was a total relaxation day for the two of us.  Sunday was also the first day we have not run the AC since we returned, and that was largely due to the cooler temps, and high cloud cover we had off and on most of the day.

The big game of the day for me was the NBC Sunday night game with the Broncos vs. the Raiders in Oakland.  My Broncos had a bad night......too many injuries, and a very confident Oakland Raiders team made for a bad outcome.....the Broncos lost 30-20, and it was not really that close.  TLE made her famous 4 alarm chili for dinner which helped to ameliorate, a little, the pain of the Broncos' poor showing.

Just one more day of political commercials, political phone calls, and political polls........we are so ready for this current political season to be over as I am sure many of you are, too.  We have no idea who is going to prevail, and, frankly, care less and less.......this we do know.......our lifestyle tends to insulate us from what ever is happening inside the 'Beltway'......we try to spend as much of our lives as far away as possible from the influence of Federal, State and Local governments.  At the end of the day our quality of life is up to us.......our happiness is up to fulfilling our lives are is up to us........not Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, or anyone else inside the 'Beltway' who pretends to care about our welfare.  We will vote as any good citizen should......and then we will ignore the Un 'useful idiots' in Washington for another four years.

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