Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The UNprotected class rises up.......

5:34 am - Wednesday - The day after the 2016 POTUS elections.......I'm sitting here at my laptop way too early in the morning......went to sleep a little after midnight, but was awake at 4 am thinking about what happened last night. I know I have friends out there who can't believe DJT was elected POTUS last night, and I have already read some of their posts from last night, and early this morning expressing sadness and fear. This election was not about left vs. right......that model is over for now......DJT was elected by a broad coalition of right, left and independents. Last night you saw the 'UNprotected Class' rise up and say 'enough is enough' to the 'Protected Class'......the Washington elites, the media elites, Hollywood elites, wealthy elites. This election was the opening salvo of the battle between the completely corrupt Washington elites (Dem and Rep alike) and the 'People'. 'We the people' are tired of the rigged system.....'We the people' are going to try to make government responsive again.......'We the people' are going to require those in the Beltway live under the same laws they have imposed upon us......we are not 'a basket of deplorables', we are not riddled with 'phobias', we don't hate women, we are not intolerant. We are tired of being mocked, marginalized and ignored.....we are tired of being reduced to convenient labels....xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, chauvinistic, racists, bigots, evil. Our beliefs, our opinions have as much value as yours.....we are not less than. We are your neighbors, your friends......please treat us with the same tolerance and respect with which we have treated you these past 8 years. We are all Americans first and foremost......let's begin to act like it again!

So, it's 62 F degrees, 37% humidity, with wind at 6 mph out of the north on this Wednesday morning.  What did we do Tuesday?  Frankly, I spent most of the day under a cloud of apprehension at what the result of voting would be......I was hopeful 4 years ago that Romney would win easily, and of course he lost big.  I kept my 10:15 am appointment at my primary physician to get cleared for my cataract surgery a week from today, and was cleared.  

Upon return to Fontana the temperature was already up to 90 F degrees, and I had yet to dump our black tank.  Since we are in a water/electric only site it is not a simple task, but I have my wonderful macerator pump (Shurflo) and 150' of hose, of which I needed every single inch to reach the dump apparently is exactly 150' from my sewer outlet!  By the time I finished with that and put everything away once again it was going on 2 pm, and it was time for me to get out of the heat and into the cooled air of the Newell.  

At 4 pm we turned on Fox News to watch the election returns.......around 11:40 pm it was announced that Hillary had called Trump to concede the election and it was done.....the seemingly impossible happened.....the political novice defeated the career politician.....the outsider beat the insider......America (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) voted for a course correction.

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