Friday, July 7, 2017

'Busy Season'


6:59 am - Friday - 58º F, humidity 63%, wind 1 mph out of the east northeast with partly cloudy skies with a forecast high today of 85º F in Gardiner (forecast high for Mammoth Hot Springs is 81º F......Mammoth is about 1,000' feet higher in altitude than Gardiner, which explains the difference).

The average temperatures in July and August here in Gardiner, MT, and in Mammoth Hot Springs, YNP, WY are in the 80's, and that is exactly what the forecast for the next 15 days looks like.  Thank goodness the humidity is low!  We are typically turning on the A/C about an hour before we go to work as it begins to get warm in side about that time.  We do turn it off and open the windows when we leave for work at 1 pm, and usually when we return around 10 pm it is comfortable inside, so that is another good thing we like about working the 'CLOSE' shift.

As I sit here composing today's missive I can't help be reflect on how dramatically our lives have changed in the last month, but I am so happy we made the change!  We are back doing what really makes us happy......seeing new places, and meeting new people.  We have settled nicely into our new jobs, and look forward to spending time each day with good people in a professional work environment.

We are now officially into the 'BUSY' season which runs from the 4th of July weekend to the middle of August, so it is pretty busy each day, but not overwhelming.  Well, let me is a little overwhelming at first when you are learning a new job, and new computer system, but after a week you settle into the rhythm of the work place.  There are times when the store is packed with humanity, especially when a tour bus, or two unload right in front of the store.  For about 30 minutes it gets crazy, then things settle down again until the next human onslaught.  At any rate, things will begin to slow down in mid August when the kids go back to school, and we will be able to do more exploring without having to fight the traffic.

My job working in the fountain has a lot of variety, which I makes the work day fly by, and that is exactly how it has been for me the past 10 days now that I have settled into my job.  Some days I am the cashier, some days I spend my time heating up pretzels, some days I scoop ice cream, and some days I do a lot of cleaning.  There is always something to do, and never a dull moment.

Occasionally I will look up and see TLE waving at me across the store and I is good, and we both love what we are doing, and the people with whom we work.  Caught this picture of the 'almost' full moon outside the store last night around 9 pm........ was a very warm day in Mammoth Hot Springs, and by the end of our shift my shirt was damp with perspiration........there was not much of a breeze Thursday, which usually helps cool of the interior of the store.  We did get some rain early afternoon, which, I guess was predictable as I washed the VW before we went to work.....doh!

We were off work at our usual time, and home just after 10 pm where we watched a recorded episode of 'ALONE' before hitting the sack at 11:30 pm.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That is what makes life more fun for us full timers.New Places and new faces, and is nice to keep busy when working, never a dull moment.