Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spa Day.......


7:12 am - Wednesday - 53º F, humidity 78%, wind 1 mph out of the southeast....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 81º F.

 It's been a while since TLE and I treated ourselves to a spa day, so we decided Tuesday would be just that for us at Chico Hot Springs which located 30 miles north of Gardiner in Pray, MT........

......first up was our massage at the Day Spa facility located on a hill overlooking the rest of the Chico Hot Springs complex.  TLE's appointment was for 11 am, and mine for 11:45 am.  We opted for 'spot' massages for our first visit which last 30 minutes and cost $50 each.  Full body massages last 55 minutes and cost $85.

......we were done with our massages by 12:20 pm, and on our way down the hill to the Chico Hot Springs Complex which includes a hotel, saloon, hot pools, and a poolside grill as well as a pool side bar.  There is a shaded hot pool kept at 105.3º F, and a large cooler pool kept at 98.3º F......the following picture was taken in the hot pool with the cooler pool in the background.....Yelp gives them a solid 4 stars on over 100 reviews.....we would agree!

.....the hot springs were first discovered in 1865, and Chico Hot Springs Resort was established in 1897......

.....the facilities are all up to date, and are well maintained.  The changing rooms in the pool area are first class and include a small spin machine to put remove all the water from your suit after you are finished soaking.....sweet!

Around 2 pm we decided we had soaked enough and headed for home.....

......the view down the valley as we left Chico Hot the big, long views!

We were home just before 3 pm.....what a wonderful spa day it was for us!  I took a nap immediately upon return to the Newell and slept for almost an hour.  Around 6 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que in preparation for two filet mignons TLE had purchased several weeks ago at Raley's in SLT.   A great way to end another relaxing day!

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