Sunday, July 16, 2017


7:33 am - Sunday - 60º F, humidity 73%, wind 6 mph out of the southeast......light rain.....rained on an off since 6 pm last night.   From my vantage point here at YRVP the wind is gusting to 20+ mph and I see a wall of rain approaching from the south very quickly.  Satellite TV reception is non-existent.   We had a lot of lightning and thunder last night, but none so far this morning.  All that being said, the forecast high is 87º F for today in Garidiner, MT.....a little lower at Mammoth Hot Springs, which is 1,000 feet higher.

Saturday was a lot like Friday.....when 11 am rolled around it was time to turn on the A/C, and we left it on until we left for work, at which time we opened the windows and shut down the A/C.....leaving the salon window open turned out to be a mistake.....more on that later!

We lounged around until 12:30 when we began to get ready to drive into work once again.  We were in the car by 1 pm, and on our way up the Gardiner River gorge for another day at the General Store.  While there was a long line of vehicles in front of us we still managed to arrive at the General Store by 1:15 pm.

One of our co-workers injured their back on their off day.....they made a valiant effort to work, but scooping ice cream with a bad back was not in the cards so they headed off to the local YNP clinic and then home for rest of the shift.  This person also had the 'CLOSE" shift with me, so we had to scramble to move another 'CLOSE' shift person into the fountain.  I once again pulled my cashier drawer and acted as cashier for the last 4 hours of my shift.

It began to, unexpectedly, rain about 6 pm, and continued raining on and off all night.  It was accompanied by some pretty bright lightning flashes, and loud thunder rolls.  This, of course, helped bring the temperatures down into the 70's inside, and 60's outside making the rest of the evening much more comfortable.

Another of our co-workers in the store, someone I have not gotten to know yet, quit after being here since April, and that caused a shake up in the scheduling.  Like most of the hospitality industry, the only constant in life here is change.  It became necessary to juggle the schedule to make sure there were enough cashiers on duty, so our off days have been changed to Tuesday/Wednesday, and we now have two 'MID' shifts thrown in for good measure.....Monday's and Thursday's, otherwise we still have the 'CLOSE' shift Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.  So our new work week runs from Thursday through Monday each week.....I'm reminded of a David Bowie song entitles 'Cha-cha-cha-changes'......

'Changes' by David Bowie

Having worked in the 'hospitality' industry these past 4 summers we understand the fluidity of work schedules, and management's need to make quick adjustments to scheduling based on personnel availability and changing circumstances, so we have learned to just roll with the changes.  That is the nature of 'hospitality', right?  At our prior job at TVC we have always accepted the needed changes to our work schedule, however, a few of this year's crop of TVC employees (some of whom I was responsible for recruiting) would complain to our supervisors whenever the slightest change in scheduling occurred, and management would cave.  This was the beginning of the turmoil which eventually resulted in our resignations in late May.  I understand that as of today some 14 people, including ourselves, have quit TVC  this summer and moved on to other opportunities.  In the prior 3 summers we worked at TVC we had three people quit in total....TOTAL.  If people are happy, and management is doing its job 14 people don't quit in the space of 5 weeks.  Management may have a different opinion, but I believe the numbers speak for themselves.

We were on our way home by 9:40 pm with an extra passenger....we gave a ride home to the spouse of the person who injured their back and had to go home early.   We're just about finished watching the original 'Twin Peaks' series from 1990-91....there were just two seasons, and the second season had 22 episodes....we finished episode 21 and then went to bed.  Now the HBO continuation of this old series will make more sense.

On the open salon window mistake......when I sat down at my laptop this morning to compose today's missive I discovered the throw rug was damp......doh!  It's outside now drying in the sun, which just came out.

Another day in paradise.....thanks for stopping by!

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