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7:04 am - Saturday - 56º F, 62% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy (as it almost always is these days) with a forecast high of 90º F.....oy vey......another hot one on tap for the General Store!

One of the things I have not talked about in my blog is how we get our mail forwarded to us.  For years I shared an office with my son, Chris, and since his mother and I began traveling full time almost 6 years ago he has kindly agreed to be our mail forwarding service.  My official 'home' address is his office, and I mostly have mail sent to his P.O. Box.  Since we (TLE & I) are mostly paperless, and pay all our bills online we rarely have mail that needs to be forwarded.  The primary things he forwards to us is registration renewal notices for our vehicles (Newell, VW and American Trailer), and Social Security stuff.  I then pay them online, and the renewal tags are mailed, once again, to his address.  I recently renewed the tags for the VW online, which expire in July, and he received them from the California DMV at his office within a week.  He immediately mailed them to me at our new P.O. Box here in Yellowstone National Park on June 30th.......the envelope just arrived on July 14th....

.....I just had to take a picture of the envelope showing our YNP mailing address, sans the actual box number, of course!  I was not expecting it to take 14 days to reach us, but there was that pesky 4th of July long weekend in the middle of it all.  At any rate, Chris probably forwards mail to us 4-5 times a year to wherever we may be at the time, and we are very grateful!  I am sure, at some point in the future, that we will begin to subscribe to a regular mail forwarding service, but for now it is nice to have family doing the sorting of our personal mail, and tossing out the junk.

We had the A/C on by 11 am Friday......until then it was quite pleasant, but within a few minutes it became uncomfortable.  It's almost as if someone flips a switch and within minutes it begins to feel hot.

We were on our way to work by 1 pm once again, and parking our car in the employee parking lot 15 minutes later.  The line at the North Gate rarely has more than 3-4 cars in it at 1 pm, which is nice.  When we did the 'MID' shift the line would sometimes stretch all the way back to the Roosevelt Arch.....about 1/4 mile!  Since we are employees we have a special road we can take which joins the main road just before the gate allowing us to skip ahead of the long, long line.  This is another reason why we love the 'CLOSE' shift.....very little traffic at 1 pm!

With the box fan we moved into the 'Fountain' Thursday still in place Friday, so the temp stayed quite comfortable all afternoon.  Please don't was still hot....just more pleasant with the fan moving air.  I was able to pull my cashier drawer for the first time in a week, or so and spent most of my 7.5 hours as cashier giving my right arm a much needed rest from scooping ice cream!

TLE spent some time reading our employee handbook the other day and discovered that women of the female variety are allowed to wear blue denim skirts as long as they come to the knee, so when we were in the Goodwill in Bozemen the other day she found a blue denim skirt and is now wearing it to work......she says it is much, much more comfortable than jeans, and much cooler.  I wonder if I got a blue denim kilt they would let me wear it to work?  Hmmmm???

We were off work by 9:40 pm and making a stop at the Post Office where I found the aforementioned envelope waiting for me in my P.O. Box.  I was getting concerned about those renewal tags for the VW as we only have two weeks left before I would become illegal.

Okay, time to wrap up this installment and get to watching the finish of today's Tour de France leg.....thanks for stopping by!

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