Sunday, July 23, 2017

In the moment......


7:10 am - Sunday - 45º F, humidity 67%, wind 1 mph out of the southeast......partly cloudy......forecast high for today in Gardiner, MT is 89º F.  Up at Mammoth Hot Springs, however, it will only be 83º F.....that 1,000' difference in elevation makes a big difference!  I'm up early on a Sunday to watch the ENTIRE final round of the British Open.......yay for me!  

As I was waking up this morning I found myself thinking about the future......well, just the immediate future.  In October our youngest son, Tim, will marry Laila and they will begin their married life together.  I was thinking about how we'll need to move our coach up to Livingston a couple of days before we fly south for that wedding, and going over in my mind all the things I would need to do before that happens.  Then I thought, why am I thinking soooo far ahead?  It isn't even August yet, and we've got two more full months here in Yellowstone to experience.  Sometimes I get too far ahead of myself, and it good to  be pulled back to the here and now, and just live in these moments in cherish the feel of the cool zephyrs floating in through the window over my laptop at this very smell the smells which are unique to this morning, to watch the sun slowly claw its way over the local hills one more time to cast its warmth and light across the landscape.  Those are the things to be thinking about this Sunday, the 22nd day of July, not what I will be doing in October.....these experiences are fleeting, and all too soon we will be moving once again toward our next adventure.

Saturday was a warm day in Gardiner......must have gotten up to 90º F here, but up in Mammoth Hot Springs it was a pleasant 84º.......maybe a little warmer inside the General Store.  I began my day around 7:30 watching the British Open.  Just as the final grouping of the day, which included Jordan Spieth, was finishing the 18th hole we were finishing getting dressed for work.  Jordan finished at 11 under par.....3 strokes ahead of the closest competitor with one more round of golf to go.

We arrived at the General Store to find things quite busy, and that is the way it remained for our entire 'CLOSE' shift.  The first time I had a chance to look at the General Store clock it read 5, that 3.5 hours went fast!  And that is how our day/night went.....very busy, and very quickly.......

.......soon it was 9:30 pm, and we were ushering the last of our customers out the General Store doors.

So, as of Saturday we have 9 days left in the month of July to spend living in the moment, and that is what I shall endeavor to remind myself to do......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Does not hurt to look into the fall travels, we have discussing that as well. Nice that time flies when you having fun and getting paid for it as well.