Monday, July 17, 2017


7:11 am - Monday - 52º F, humidity 81%, wind 1 mph out of the east clouds!  Forecast high for today is 83º F.

Sunday was an unusual day in so many I related in yesterday's post I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the rain had gotten in through the open salon window Saturday afternoon while we were at work getting the throw rug under my recliner and computer desk somewhat damp.  Before I could do anything I had to get that rug outside to begin drying in the morning sun whilst draped over the picnic table in front of our trailer.  The rest of the morning was rather routine until we got to work.

As we entered the General Store around 1:15 pm I noticed my co-workers in the 'Fountain' were getting slammed.....the line of customers was about 25 deep and getting longer.  I thought....."Oh my, here we go!".  By the time I returned to begin my shift at 1:30 the store was virtually empty.  There were NO customers in the queue at the 'Fountain', and that is how the rest of Sunday went.....we had perhaps the slowest afternoon since we arrived on June 15th!  We would get small flurries of activity, but it never got really busy.  I think we served maybe a dozen customers in the last 90 minutes before closing the fountain.

All the while we got an unexpected rain/lightning/thunder storm that went on for about 4 times the rain was torrential, and then it began to hail.  Suddenly the store began to fill up with people, but they were just milling around trying to get dry, while waiting out the rain/hail/lightning/thunder storm.  We did sell, unsurprisingly, quite a few inexpensive rain ponchos.

My Sunday 'CLOSE' shift partner was still out with the back injury, one of my other 'Fountain' co-workers offered to split their shift leaving around 3 pm, and coming back at 6 pm to finish the shift with me so there would be at least two of us.  As it turned out I probably could have handled everything by myself, but who would have known?  As a result of the unexpected rain storm the temperatures inside the store stayed quite pleasant and we actually were able to turn off one of the fans.

This coming Thursday through Sunday we have our annual Delaware North 'Employee Discount' days in which we get 50% off retail on everything in the store except grocery, liquor and 'Fountain' items.  I have my eye on a set of Nikon 10 x 42 binoculars.  I have never owned a high quality set, and have always been disappointed in what every I have bought in the past mainly because I really knew nothing about them.  All that changed when I met J.R. on our first shift at the General Store.  J.R. is an expert on spotting scopes, and binoculars so I spent a few days peppering him with questions about what would best suit our purposes, what would work for both TLE and I.  Ultimately I settled on the Nikon 10 x 42 which has a retail value of $183 meaning I will be able to obtain them for $91.50.....score!

Since business was so light my co-worker and I had the 'Fountain' cleaned by 8:50 pm, so I spent some time standing outside on the porch in the cool evening air waiting for TLE to finish her shift.  By the time we punched the clock it had stopped raining, and the temps had dropped into the high 50's already......sweet!

Well, today (Monday) will be our 6th day in a row working, but that is just a one time occurrence, thankfully. We'll be working 11 am to 7 pm and it will be nice to get off earlier, so we can get to bed earlier, and then get up earlier to go do some more YNP exploring!

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