Thursday, July 13, 2017



7:26 am - Thursday - 55º F, humidity 65%, wind 2 mph out of the east southeast......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 89º F......ouch!

I was up by 6:40 am writing my latest blog entry and thinking about an 'out and back' bike ride north on US-89 again.  The air was cool, and the skies were mostly clear so I set out to ride to Corwin Springs (about 6.6 miles north) and back before the temp got too warm.

The air at 9 am was crystal clear after another rain and thunder storm during the night, and the views were big and long as I began my ride...... I rode northward there was a lot of southbound traffic heading for YNP, no doubt. Within about 25 minutes I was entering my turn around point, Corwin Springs..... of the main attractions of Corwin Springs is 'The Lighthouse Restaurant'......

......according to Yelp (4 stars) and Tripadvisor (4.5 stars), this is the top rated restaurant in the Gardiner area (technically this restaurant is listed as being in Gardiner, MT).  I'm sure TLE and I will be checking this one out in the near future!

I made my turn around and began the mostly uphill trek back to TRVP.....I felt compelled to stop and take a couple more pictures of the mighty Yellowstone River........

......I was back at YRVP before 10 all I covered 13.3 miles in less than an hour averaging 14.4 mph over that distance.

Wednesday was the beginning of our 5 day work week, and we were on our way winding along the Gardiner River to Mammoth Hot Springs by 1 pm as is our custom.  Upon our arrival around 1:15 the General Store seemed quite crowded, and we were both concerned that this might be one of those days where the customer lines are never ending, but as it turned out that was just a short lived situation.  The rest of the day was busy, but not overwhelming........the hours seemed to melt away once again.....I caught this pleasant sunset around 9 pm after we had finished cleaning up the 'Fountain' area.......

In a couple of days we will have been here in YNP for a month.......hard to believe.  We are getting ourselves integrated into the community, and enjoying our co-workers.  On the way home from work we stopped off at a local bar called The Rusty Rail, the only place open after 10 pm in Gardiner, to have a beer with friends and co-workers Dodge, Roscoe and Jeannie before continuing on home.  Draft beer is only $3.25 a pint!

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