Saturday, July 29, 2017


7:46 am - Saturday - 50º F, humidity 86%, wind 4 mph out of the south southeast....partly cloudy, as it almost always is.....forecast high for Saturday is 79º F here in Gardiner, and 76º F in Mammoth Hot Springs.  The only temperature I am really concerned about is the one in Mammoth Hot Springs as that is where we are each day, even on our days off sometimes!

We both slept until after 8 am Friday.....normal for TLE, but not for moi.....nonetheless I enjoyed getting up a little later than normal.  The air was cool, 50º F, which is an indication that the weather is beginning to cool as we are now past the zenith of summer here in Montana/Wyoming.  It's kind of weird knowing that we work in one state, and live in another.  Back in South Lake Tahoe we would drive over to Carson City, NV once every 3-4 weeks, but here we drive into Wyoming pretty much every single day.

Before work I spent some time puttering around in the trailer.  I had ordered some new tubes (700 x 32C) for my Cannondale Bad Boy, and had planned to replace the tube in the rear tire as it had a slow leak, however, when I opened one of the tube boxes I discovered that I had mistakenly ordered tubes with Schraeder valves, and I need Presta valves.....doh!  So I decided to repair the tube, and then return the tubes I had bought from Amazon for a refund.  The cool thing about Amazon is that you just go to the item purchased and click on the box entitled "RETURN ITEM", answer a question as to why you are doing that and then print a mailing label.  Since it was my error I had to pay $5 postage to return them.  I then ordered the correct tubes, and they should be here by Monday, or Tuesday.  Whilst repairing the leaky tube I also discovered I was almost out of tube patches, so I ordered some more of them, also.

By then it was time to begin getting ready for work.....we have the 'CLOSE' shift Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we don't have to leave for work until 1 pm, which I love.  I can get up later than usual and still have hours to piddle around before work!

Once again things were slower than normal in the store, but that is to be expected as things do tend to wind down near the end of July, and here we are now at July 28th!  I once again pulled a cash drawer and spent a couple of hours of my shift taking payment for ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, chili, hot dogs, etc.  The best part about being cashier is being able to converse with each customer about their day without the pressure of scooping ice cream.  During one of the many lulls in customer traffic I snapped a few pictures of my Lovely Elaine interacting with a customer......

 That's our friend Genie to TLE's left

......all too soon it was dusk and time to close out another day.....I say 'all too soon' as we really do enjoy our jobs, and the people we work with.  I stepped out side on the front porch of the General Store to capture the evening sites looking toward the hot spring terraces....

.....we were on our way down the Gardiner River Gorge by 9:45 pm......we stopped off at the Rusty Rail to have a drink with our friends Genie and Roscoe.....this has become a regular Friday night thing, and we enjoy it.....the Rusty Rail is our kind of funky dive bar......we were home by 10:45 relaxing and getting ready for another day of fun.


On a side note, my Dodgers are having a wonderful season......they are now 40 games over .500 for the first time since 1973.....they are now 71 and 31 (wins/losses).  Looking forward to the post season this year!

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