Monday, July 3, 2017

Politely speaking.....


6:30 am - Monday -  48º F, humidity 82%, wind 5 mph out of the south......partly cloudy with the promise of clearing skies, and a high of 83º F......should be 90º F by Wednesday.

After Saturday several of us were concerned about Sunday, but the rude folks did not return, and that was a very good thing as we were at least 40% busier on Sunday.  Ironically, the crowds begin to materialize each day at the beginning of the 'CLOSE' shift (1:30 pm), which is when we start our work day.  As TLE and I walked into the General Store our 'CLOSE' manager asked me if I had turned off the ice cream freezer (the one from which we serve the ice cream).  I replied that I had thought I turned off the freezer light.....well, apparently I mistakenly turned off the freezer, and the tubs of ice cream had, understandably, melted overnight.....doh......a rookie mistake!  Fortunately, only one tub had been over full when we closed things down Saturday night, so it was the only one to overflow.  Nonetheless, it had to be cleaned up by the 'OPEN' crew, and I truly felt badly about that.  I think I'll let other more experienced folks handle the flipping of switches on the ice cream freezer in the future. My co-workers from the 'OPEN' shift gave me a hard time, but were very understanding.....we do work with some great people!

From the moment I 'clocked in' at 1:30 pm and slipped on latex gloves the customer line never had fewer than 8 people in it.....the first time I had time to check the clock it was already after 5 pm.......3.5 hours of continuous work, and it seemed like an hour!  Time really does fly when you are busy, and we were very, very busy Sunday (our Friday).

In all we emptied 15 tubs of ice cream Sunday.....about 45 gallons of ice cream....probably four, or five of those were Huckleberry Ice Cream, which is, with out a doubt, our biggest seller.  

TLE and I had our 'lunch' break at 6:30 pm, and by the time we returned at 7 pm things had quieted down.....briefly.....around 8 pm (30 minutes before we close the 'Fountain') we had another run on ice cream finishing with quite a flurry 30 minutes later when we put out the 'CLOSED' sign, and began our cleanup of the 'Fountain' area.

Around 9 pm I walked outside to get  a breath of fresh air and caught a very pleasant sunset....

........everyone agreed that Sunday's customers were much happier, and more pleasant than Saturday's.  Even in the midst of the 1:30 - 5 pm onslaught we all found ourselves smiling.

We were home a few minutes after 10 pm looking forward to our two days off work....we'll do a little more exploring, but probably spend time relaxing as the 4th of July crowds flood into the park.  By the way, a BIG THANK YOU to those who became followers of our blog.  Our goal was to hit 150, and we are now at 151!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. "The ice cream slayer!", there could be worse titles :-)
    We're here camping outside the Grand Canyon & have been taking the shuttle bus in to look around and just stare into that huge hole in the ground... the traffic started getting worse Friday and yesterday we were caught up in the jam by the entrance gate to the south rim. The bus driver mentioned that any holiday weekend was the worst time to visit any national park. I'm inclined to believe him...