Wednesday, July 5, 2017



7:56 am - Wednesday - 58º F, 58% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the east southeast......sunny skies here in the Yellowstone River valley outside of Gardiner, MT.  Forecast high for today is 91º F!

We planned to do a small bit of site seeing again on Tuesday, but by 10 am we had decided we were going to stay home, put our patio awning out, and just relax......sort of a devolution from Monday's scheme.....we have not done that for a very long time.  This was the first time since we arrived at Yellowstone RV Park that we have had our patio awning out.....the winds are very unpredictable here, and we don't want to have it ripped off the Newell by an unexpected gust of wind.  Since we were gong to be at the Newell all day long we decided to deploy it for some extra afternoon shade.

TLE enjoying the shade, and the cool zephyrs

We read, napped, listened to our XM Radio, and then napped some more until about 2 pm when it got too hot, even with the awning deployed, to be outside anymore, then went inside, closed the windows and turned on the A/C for some heat relief.  We are so grateful our 35 year old A/C units still blow ice cubes.  Since we are on 30 amp electrical service we only turn the rear A/C unit on, and that is more than enough to keep us comfortable so far.

Eventually we decided to binge watch some more of the original 'Twin Peak' series I wrote about a few days ago, and ended up watching about 8 episodes taking us to near sundown when we called it quits for the time being.  It doesn't really get dark here until about 10:15 pm, so the 4th of July fireworks show did not really start in earnest until about 10:30, and went on until well after 11:45 pm when the finale finally began......we had fallen asleep by them, but were awakened by the fuselage of exploding fireworks..... was over as quickly as it had begun, and we drifted off to slumberland once again.....Wednesday will be the beginning of our new work week....still on the 'CLOSE' shift.....yay for us!

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