Saturday, March 8, 2014

5th Saturday

My good friend Tom and I exchange messages on a daily basis using Google Messenger.  We are both retired now and love the fact that every day feels like Saturday.  The days on our weekly calendar look something like this: 1st Saturday, 2nd Saturday, 3rd Saturday, 4th Saturday and 5th Saturday, Saturday, Sunday......1st Saturday being Monday, and so it goes.....we didn't assign a number value to the original Saturday, because,'s just Saturday. Back in our workaday lives Saturdays were when you got stuff done around the house, or took a mountain bike ride, or spent hours walking the isles in Home Depot.....we cherished every minute of every we can do that every day.  It's just a state of mind that we have fallen into, and I like it a lot.

5th Saturday saw me continuing to rest and get over the head cold.....and that is as far as it has gone, chest congestion, or sore throat.....I seem to be on an upward arc now....feeling better by the hour.  Although my head still feels larger than usual, and according to TLE my head is bigger than normal without a head cold.  I had to resist the temptation to get outside and do, or accomplish something.......but I don't really have to because there is always another Saturday the next day.....plenty of time to get stuff done.  I pretty much spent the entire day resting, taking naps, drinking fluids, and trying to gauge how I felt on a scale of 1-100.....I think I about 65% as of the end of day 5th Saturday (Friday.....sorry if I am confusing

I mentioned previously that Tom will be breaking ground soon on a large 60' X 70' barn on the back of his property......the contractor came out to help Tom make some changes to the positioning of the barn in relationship to the property lines and the house.  It looks like a final position has been determined, and it is just a matter of modifying the plans.

Tom and Darlene drove into Wickenburg to visit Tractor Supply.....just as fun as Home buy some hardware needed to complete a toilet installation in their new home, and a weed sprayer that will mount on the back of their golf cart.....the property here is pretty big, and even though it is serious desert, it has rained recently and the weeds have exploded.

5th Saturday sunset

As is our habit with the McClouds, we almost always assemble together for dinner.....I BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs........the hamburgers were for Tom's daughter Laura and her 2 kids, and hot dogs were for the amazing Chili TLE made for I cooked we watched the sun go down again on another Saturday......5th Saturday to be precise.  We sat around a fire and talked until close to 8:30 before heading was a good day......a day worthy of its title.

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