Saturday, March 1, 2014

25 and 37

February 28th marked the beginning of our 26th month traveling full time in our Newell, and the 38th month of living full time in her.  You might wonder if anything has changed......have we gotten our fill of fulltiming?  Are we ready to be back in a regular sticks and bricks type of home?  Is our coach starting to feel a little cramped?  It would be more accurate to ask us if we are tired of seeing new things, meeting new people, and changing our view on a regular basis, or are we tired of it feeling like Saturday all the time?  Our answer is a simple, modest....."no". 

Actually the truth is now that we "know" what we are doing we are more excited to be hitting the road this time than 25 months ago........if that is possible.  When we left RJRP 25 months ago we were heading into a lot of unknowns.  I'm not saying we know it all now, but we know enough to be much more comfortable with our lifestyle choice.  Life is full of the unexpected no matter what your living circumstances may be.......we have learned to view the unexpected in a positive way......we now call it serendipity.  Instead of being anxious at the end of a day, and trying to carefully plan out where we will stay each night, we now look forward to what each day, each night will bring, and we are able to "roll with the punches" and adjust our "written in jello" plans on the fly.

I'm sure the rain in some parts of SoCal was as bad as the frantic prophecies of the weather guessers on the local news channels led us to believe, but here in RJRP it was much less dramatic.  It did rain all night Thursday night, and pretty much all day Friday and into early Saturday morning.  The rain was hard for about 30 minutes, but for most of the time it was a steady, gentle rain, which is really what you want after a long dry spell.  It has always been during these times of heavy rainfall we are glad we don't live in the hills, or at the beach.....they almost always get hammered by flash floods, mud flows, heavy surf.

 What it looked like in our corner of the world

The "guess" was that there would be high winds for several hours Friday afternoon, so when the first gusts hit just before Noon we scampered outside into the wind driven rain to stow away the patio awning.......even though I was skeptical about the winds they were predicting, we never take a chance with our awning.....if the guess turns out to be right we could suffer significant damage to that awning.  As it turned out, the high winds never materialized, so we spent some time drying ourselves off, and drying our wet togs in the splendid Spendide dryer.

We pretty much stayed inside all day Friday reading and listening to the rain on the roof, but there was what turned out to be a 30 minute lull in the rain around 10:30 so TLE suggested I should dump the tanks while I had a chance.......hmmmm....while "I" had a chance........well I trust her intuition, and so, therefore, I hopped to and got 'er done......I was barely back inside when the rain came again.  We'll dump one last time Sunday afternoon.....I like to hit the road with empty black and gray tanks, and a full tank of fresh just never know what will come your way,....plan for the worst, hope for the best, and never, ever challenge Lady Serendipity, or Mr. Jello.

As I write the rain has started again......still a steady, gentle rain.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for sharing your adventures. I hope when our time comes to finally full time that we will not growvtired of it but will revel in the joy of the freedom to explore, meet people have grand adventures and just slow down the pace of life


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