Friday, February 28, 2014

Have you met Noah?

The first rain came about 12:30 am Thursday morning and continued for much of the night, hard at times, but always there.......this is being called the "small" storm by the weather "guessers".  In the 105 days (through Thursday) we have been here at RJRP this is the first significant rainfall we have had, and this time of year is what passes for the SoCal rainy season.  Of course, by anyone else's standards almost anywhere else in the USA this storm is not much to talk about, but the local news stations have been on "STORM WATCH" for a week leading up to this series of storms, and the way they are dramatizing the coming storms you are half expecting at any moment a news story about some guy named Noah building an ark and predicting the end of the world by flood.  

Nevertheless, it is rain, and SoCal needs rain desperately.  Of course, we are reminded all the while that it would take a month of rain like this to make a dent in the effect of the drought these past 4 years......we are just taking it one storm at a time.  Fortunately, the forecast for Monday, our date of departure, is mostly sunny.

I love waking up to the sound of rain on the aluminum roof in the middle of the night.......I always sleep so well when it rains.....I love the smell of the rain wafting in through the partially open window by my side of the bed.  By 8 am the rain had mostly stopped, but this was to be the lull before the much bigger storm coming in Thursday evening.

We had arranged a lunch date in Pasadena with my oldest grand daughter, Cynthia, who is just a few months shy of her 21st birthday.  We had not had a chance to spend one on one time with her and her boy friend, Daniel.  Cynthia is the oldest child of my son, Chris.  I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I have a grand daughter who is almost 21 let a son who is fast approaching his 42nd birthday.  We arrived at the "Islands" restaurant just before 12:30 pm to find Cynthia and Daniel waiting for us.  We had a great time talking, and we were both glad we had the opportunity to get to know Daniel.  As I told Daniel, it is very important to me that all the women in my family are happy, and I could tell from what I saw in Cynthia's eyes, and her face that she is happy.....that's good enough for me.....welcome to the family Daniel!

There is one footnote to the reason for our wanting to meet Daniel.....and this is done with Cynthia's permission.......Cynthia is 6 months pregnant with their son, and is very excited that she will be a mother in just 3 fact you can see they are both very excited.  We got to see an ultra sound picture of the yet to be born baby, and yep, there is no doubt it is a

Cynthia and Daniel

Of course, the time seemed to fly by and it was time to say our "until next times" to Cynthia and Daniel.  We headed home making a stop at my mechanic's shop to make the final arrangements for our visit there Monday morning to have new steerer tires installed on the Newell, and the 8D battery replaced that I was manhandling when I injured myself three weeks ago.

Next we stopped off at my son's office to pick up any mail that had accumulated since Monday, and were home by 3:15, but would be on the move again within a couple of hours........we had another dinning engagement scheduled for that evening back in Rancho Cucmaonga at the local Zendejas Mexican Grill to meet Rod's (Sharon's fiance) parents, Rodney and Lillian......I missed meeting them at the engagement party due to my aforementioned surgery.  Again, we had a delightful time getting to know Rodney and Lillian, and are pleased to know they will be our future in-laws.

A picture including Rod's parents from the engagement party I missed.  Rodney, Sr. is on the far left, and Lillian the the third person going from left to right.  The other two ladies, I believe, are Rod's sisters....and, of course, Rod and Sharon.

We arrived back "home" for the second time Thursday around 7:50 pm, and by midnight it was raining is still raining as I write this entry Friday morning, and it is forecast to continue on until sometime Saturday.  I fell asleep in my lounge chair around 10.....even though I love meeting new people is always forget how much it takes out of me....TLE managed to wake me a little after 11 so I could move to the bedroom and continue my slumber in bed.

Three more days until our view changes!  Thanks for stopping by!

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