Sunday, February 2, 2014

D minus 8 - DBSB

Saturday this time of year is known as the Day Before the Super was also the day of my baby brother's 50th birthday party celebration.  But wait......I get ahead of myself.

Sometime very early Saturday morning the dreaded winds out of the north returned....not with a vengeance, but just enough that we had to take down our sun screens.  The one thing it did was scrub the skies clean of haze, and lower the already pretty low humidity to extremely low.

We trundled off to our last Saturday Kiosk duty at 10 am......well, let's make that "I" trundled off to take the first 2 hour shift with TLE promising to follow at Noon to finish out our shift.  Normally on a Saturday 8 days removed from the last trout stocking of the lakes it is quiet, but Saturday was anything but quiet.  There was a steady stream of people arriving for a wedding being held next door at Crestmore Manor.....the wedding party had rented two of the cabins to use as changing rooms.  Additionally, there were quite a few people either extending their stay one more day, or arriving to claim previously made reservations.  That's all good, because keeping busy keeps Mr. Time moving along.

At one point I looked down at my watch and noticed it was a couple of minutes after Noon and no TLE.....I called her and found she was just around the corner.....she said she had to see the end of some home improvement show, which was why she was a little tardy.

On my way home I got a call from Costco informing me that our new prescription glasses were ready for pickup....yay!  As soon as TLE arrived back "home" from the Kiosk we jumped in the Beetle and headed for Costco.  On a typical Saturday Costco's parking lot is about 70-75% full, but on this particular DBSB Saturday the parking lot was at 100% of capacity, or very close to it.....I guess everyone was out buying their Super Bowl munchies....I have never seen it quite that bad.  Thank goodness we were only there to pick up our glasses, and not buy anything.....those checkout lines looked ominous!

We barely returned from Costco and it was time to get ready to head into Temple City to my brother Philip's 50th birthday party.....actually it was a combined party for he and Jeannie (his wife).....Jeannie turned 50 back in September.

Left to Right: TLE, Jeannie, Philip, Jill and moi

If this outdoor party had been last weekend the outdoor temps at 5 pm would have been balmy, but since last weekend a semblance of winter arrived and the temps were already dipping into the 50's as the sun set.  Philip and Jeannie had a couple of beer tappers on hand, and carne asada, chicken asada, etc. so we all made up some "street tacos" to munch on.......we had a delightful time, but were headed for home by 8 pm since it is our duty to open the Kiosk Sunday morning at 6:30.......nevertheless, Sunday will be our last Sunday opening.....only one more Kiosk day remains......Tuesday, then we are free to get packed up!

My sister,Jill, gave me an 8 GB flash drive at the party with 100's of old pictures from our childhood, many of which I do not remember ever are a few that I found interesting.

 Jill and I horseback riding near Rosarito Beach in Baja California

 Me in front of my Dad's 1961 Thunderbird near Olancha, CA

 Me sitting on the shores of Lake Tahoe (Incline Beach) circa 1956-56 doing what I love to do.....stair at the lake

With my first full size bike at our home in Pico Rivera, CA......notice it had headlights.....I loved that bike!

My first Dodger game at the L.A. Coliseum circa 1958

That was our Saturday......thanks for stopping by!

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