Saturday, February 8, 2014

D minus 3 - Spit shine

My vehicle detailer (Tom Montoya of Integrity Mobile Detailing) arrived Friday morning around 9:30 to wash the Newell, and polish the ALCOA aluminum wheels.....I love to watch someone else polishing up those wheels, and, alas, when we leave Monday it will once again fall to me to do that job.  While they worked on the Newell I used my Firecoat Waterless cleaning/waxing system to clean the trailer's amazing how long that wax lasts.....didn't take long to have the trailer shinning again.  I also put the tandem back on her rack, along with TLE's Cannondale F600.....the only bike out still is mine as I will ride it a couple more times over the weekend.

By the time they were done with the Newell it was time for me to make a run into my son's office to pick up a few things......specifically I needed to retrieve a bicycle crankset for my friends (Mike) bike as we were unable to find a replacement middle chain ring for his existing crankset, because the technology is just too old.  I found one on eBay, but it would not get here before I left.  I had a couple of spare cranksets I had saved from bikes I've parted out over the years, and one of them fit the bill perfectly for Mike's bike.  On the way home I picked up another Subway footlong, and was back by 2 pm......had a late lunch to be sure.

TLE was recruited by Ranger Robyn to help out in the Kiosk from 11 am to 4 pm as one of the other workers was out on vacation, so she was still working when I got back.  I took time to deploy the window and patio awnings again, and our awning lights back up, then it was back in the trailer to install the replacement  crankset on Mike's bike so I can deliver it to him Saturday.

My weekly weigh in annoucement.......191.0....up one pound from last week's weigh in.....I've been holding steady this past week at 191 to 192....another plateau.....those next 6 pounds are going to be the toughest ones apparently.

TLE arrived back at the coach around 4:15 just as I was finishing up with Mike's bike, and putting away a few more things.  

Saturday we'll be attending Sharon's engagement part being held at Kate's home here in Riverside.  There will be a lot of running around Saturday taking care last minute stuff.  Sunday we'll be turning the coach around, hooking it to the trailer, and loading the car in preparation for our early Monday morning departure.

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