Sunday, February 9, 2014

D minus 2 - I did not see that coming. ..

No, I did not....Saturday started out innocently enough.  First up was a haircut at Supercuts, and then over to West Marine to pick up the Delo 100 oil, then get gas.  I needed to be home before 11 am as Ruben from Kool Filtration was coming to service our reverse osmosis system.  We had about 30 minutes before Ruben's arrival so I got TLE to come out and help me move the large 8d battery that I removed back in November.   What happened next was what I did not see coming.

TLE grabbed one end of the mammoth battery and I the other and we lifted and moved the battery.  Apparently during that short lift a hernia was born.   Within 30 minutes the pain began, and would not go away.   As a result I was unable to attend Sharon's engagement party.  

I didn't figure out it was a hernia until just before TLE got home..... just thought it was gas. 

TLE came home around 9:30 just about the time the pain was increasing..... by 11:30 I decided I had to go to the hospital.  We arrived at the hospital about 11:40 and I wad being treated within 10 minutes. Ultimately they decided to operate to repair the hernia. 

I will be here until Monday, or Tuesday at the latest.   Looks like the Jello had other plans after all. 

As a result we will not be departing on Monday as you can well imagine.

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  1. Aint it amazing how life happens while you are making other plans. Since you can still blog I am assuming that you are doing all right. One good thing, at least you are in a familiar area and close to friends and family. Hope you get well soon.


  2. Clarke,

    Laureen and are shocked to read this. We thought you were as indestructible as Superman. (Gentle) hugs and best wishes from Austin.


  3. Ouch! I am sorry you have been injured. Glad you were able to find good care nearby. G et well soon.

  4. Hi Clarke, So sorry your not up to 100% and I'm really, really sorry you missed your daughters party. Those durn 8d's will do it every time. Don't press it, you will need to recuperate after the op. It is only time, health is everything.

    Good luck,
    Mike D

  5. Sorry to hear about the setback. Heal fast and you should be able to get on the road again. Take it easy.


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