Thursday, February 13, 2014


There is not much that stands out about Wednesday.  I was pretty much a slug all day long just laying around not doing much at all.....although I did manage to get out with TLE and walk one circumference around the Cottonwood section of the RV park.  I am still rather stiff from the double hernia surgery Sunday morning, but I am seeing noticeable improvement every few hours.  All that being said I can feel that I have a long ways to go and the temptation to do more than I am doing is always there.........although I'm sure TLE would say I have kept her very busy moving and lifting stuff I would normally take care of, as well as helping me out of my lounge chair several times a day.

Obviously with inactivity comes the boredom demon, and with the boredom demon comes the temptation to snack more often to break the boredom.....the last thing I want to have happen during my rehab time is to gain 10 pounds after all the hard work I have done the past two months.

My friend Tom McCloud called from Arizona mid morning to check in on me........we should have been at his home Monday evening if the dastardly Jello had not dictated otherwise.  We will get to Arizona.....we will.....just a few weeks later than planned.

As has been the case since my surgery I spent the rest of the day napping and watching the daytime version of the Winter Olympics.....what I am finding out is much of what they show at night in prime time can be seen during the day on NBC's alternate sports channel on DirecTV.  They do save some of the really good stuff for the prime time show, but a lot of it is a repeat from earlier in the day.  I also watched a British Premier League soccer match between Arsenal and Manchester United which ended in a 0-0 tie.

We had a beautiful sunset that TLE managed to capture.......

On the other hand I was "quick" enough to get this great picture of the "street tacos" TLE's loving hands prepared for my dinner before they disappeared into my digestive system.....

Yes.....that is a margarita in the background........

TLE went to bed a while before me as she ususally does, while I fell asleep in my lounge I often do.....but finally waddled off to bed around midnight.

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  1. So sorry you are laid up for a few weeks. I guess it is better to happen at home near your family in a place where you enjoy parking. We have been asking God to help you.


    1. Hi Davy! Thank you for your prayers.... they are very appreciated!!


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