Monday, February 24, 2014


I remember turning over in bed about 6:20 because I heard the coffee maker finish perking, and I saw the time projected on the ceiling by our clock.....I was thinking "it's so warm and cozy here in bed......I'll just lay here enjoying the feeling for a while.....".....famous last words....actually famous first words of the  TLE's phone began to ring at 6:25......I know, because there it was on the ceiling when I opened my eyes.  Whenever the phone, any phone, rings before 7 am it is never good my opinion.  TLE, uncharacteristically, popped out of bed like a cork from a champagne bottle, walked quickly to the front of the coach to the spot where she leaves her phone at night and answered...."this is Elaine".....that's how she always answers her sounds more like, to me, "this Elaine".  All that aside, Ranger Robyn told TLE that Carolyn was sick, and would not be able to open at 7 am, and could Elaine work from 7 to 11 until she could get someone in to relieve her.  You have to understand this about TLE, and it is part of the "Lovely" part about her.....she rarely, if ever, says "NO".  I say "NO" all the time.....TLE, not so much.

I lay there listening to TLE get ready to walk over to the Kiosk, wishing all the while that she could have stayed and snuggled with me for a is one of the things I love about retirement and our nomadic life......TLE is much more was not to be Sunday morning.  By 6:45 she was on her way....I fell back asleep for about 30 minutes and then got up to face the new day alone.  

And ALONE is pretty much how I spent the entire day......TLE arrived back home a little after 11, made me a sandwich, and then headed off just before Noon to spend the rest of the day shopping with her daughters, Sharon, Kate, Mere, and Sharon's (and ours, too) good friend Amanda, for a wedding dress for Sharon's wedding......yes, there is a date....January 17, 2015!

I was still full from all the fireside snacks Bill and Carol had brought with them Saturday night, so I didn't eat breakfast.  I started out the day watching two British Premier soccer matches, napping, and reading a new book.....yep, I am back in the reading mode again.

TLE arrived home sometime between 4 and 5 pm with the news that a dress had been found after visiting numerous bridal shops.....of course I am not allowed to see any pictures of said dress, just as Rod will not be allowed to see it until he and I see Sharon walking down the isle in a little under 11 months from now.

Left to right: Amanda, Kate, Meredith, TLE and the bride to be, Sharon

We spent the evening watching "The Amazing Race" season premier show, and then an old black and white move called "Love Affair" with Irene Dunn and Charles Boyer made in 1939.  It was the predecessor to the 1957 remake "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, which is probably better known than the original.  We both enjoyed it and it was a nice cap to the day.

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