Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The two edged sword.....

Once we realized we would be here in RJRP for 3 more weeks  while I recovered from surgery we began to find all kinds of positives to our situation......and they are numerous, but as it is with any two edged sword there is always the other side......the largest storm SoCal has seen in a few years will hit us Wednesday night, and after a series of two, or three storms have passed us by on Sunday we will have received a few inches of rain.  With that much rain in what is essentially a desert there will be, no doubt, flooding, mud and road closures.  

In our own localized situation our RV site is surrounded by dirt.....that will make it a little messy as we finish packing up Sunday, and it will mean we will need to wait until we have pulled out of our site to put the VW in the means we will need to start putting things away Wednesday to avoid doing it in the aftermath of the storm.

But I forge ahead in the story too quickly.....what happened Tuesday?

The big task, for me, on Tuesday was to clean the massive radiator that keeps our Detroit Diesel cool.   This radiator holds almost 24 quarts of coolant....that is 6 gallons!  I last cleaned it in September just before we left Coeur d'Alene for Sidney, MT and the sugar beet harvest, which, amazingly, is almost six months ago now. I try to clean it at least twice a year.  For the job I borrowed my son, Chris' pressure used to be mine, but I gave it to him when we started our journey over two years ago.....I may, at some point, buy another one to keep with me, but so far it has worked out that whenever I needed to clean the radiator I was able to borrow one, or pay someone (Spearfish, SD) to clean it.  I had purchased the degreaser the same day (Saturday, February 8th) I suffered the double hernia with the intent of cleaning the radiator that Sunday morning....well, as you know, Sunday morning about 7:30 I was waking up from surgery.

Tuesday was the perfect day for the job.......clear blue skies, and temps in the mid 70's....short pants, flip flops, and t-shirt weather, and who cares if you get a little wet, huh?  TLE graciously helped me unload the stuff out of both engine bays....a lot of the stuff I store in there is too heavy for me to lift right now.  Once she had everything cleared out she left in the car to run some errands, and I dove into the task at hand.  Since we haven't traveled that many miles since Coeur d'Alene it wasn't too dirty, but a lot of black gunk did fall to the ground,which is what you want to see....that means you're getting the job done.  It took a little over an hour for the process, and another hour plus for the engine bays to dry out with TLE arriving home just in time to help put everything away again.

Next up was checking the air pressure on all 6 coach tires, and as has been the case for months and months, the air pressure had not changed.  I think I've only had to add air a couple of times in two years, and once was because the Schraeder valve in the right front steerer tire failed.

After all that work a nap was in order, then I read for a couple of hours, and took another short nap.....I still get tired easily.  Amazingly, even after taking a couple of naps a day lately, I sleep like a baby at night.

TLE roasted some veggies for dinner, and we watched a little TV before heading off to slumberland once again.......just a few days until we roll our wheels, and several of those days we will be watching water fall from the sky.

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