Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Time to start putting things away as March 3rd is coming quickly.  

Time to wind up the LED conversion projects.....waiting for the replacement porch light lens I bought on eBay to arrive to finish the last LED conversion.  

Time to clean the large Newell radiator now that I am feeling better.....that was going to be done on Sunday a couple of weeks ago, but I was busy recovering from surgery.  

Time to say our "until next times".

Time to take another bike ride, and that's exactly what we did around 11 am.....we decided to ride south on the SART to the Jurupa Ave. exit, then take Jurupa over to the Ralph's supermarket where TLE needed to pick up some groceries.  While she was inside (I stayed outside to watch the bikes) I spied a Carl's Jr. across the parking lot.  I used to order their Charbroiled Chicken Salad a lot when I was still working...only has 280 calories....so when TLE emerged from the market I suggested we head over for lunch as it was now close to 12 o'clock.  

From there we rode back up Magnolia to Market then over Mission back to RJRP.  In all we rode about 12 miles.  I was able to ride at a little faster clip than my first outing last Friday, but there still remains some tenderness, which is to be expected.  Just have to be sure not to press it too hard, and that is the hard part.

I had been following the USPS tracking on the porch light replacement lens and it seemed to be "stuck" in Washington State.....it said it would be delivered by March 4th.....uggghhh!  That's one day after we leave......then suddenly around 1pm I noticed it was marked as delivered....wait, what?  Okay, that's more like it.

I headed up to my son's office around 2 pm to pickup the eBay package, as well as any other mail that has come in the past two weeks.  Had a nice talk with my son, and then headed back "home" where I promptly got to work finishing the LED conversion of the porch light that was interrupted a week ago when I broke the glass lens.  Within an hour it was installed and here is the result.

I hadn't taken a shower after the 12 mile ride since I wanted to get up to my son's office before he left for the day, and then work on finishing the porch light, so I took one and then took a much needed nap in my recliner while TLE read.

Around 6 TLE made up some street tacos accompanied by her special salsa and some chips.

Time is fleeting, and there is much yet to do before we change our view......thanks for stopping by!

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