Monday, February 17, 2014

Catching Fire

I don't think I realized it was the long President's Day weekend until Sunday morning......this is the time when you begin to see the weekender crowd beginning to leave the park as they return to their regular sticks and bricks lives.  When that expected exodus did not materialize was when I it occurred to me it was a three day weekend for most of these folks.  It wasn't that long ago that we looked forward to the long weekends, and took full advantage of each and every one of them always trying to squeeze every last second out of the weekend, while doing everything we could to make it feel like more than three days.

My condition continues to improve steadily. and I'm down to almost no pain medication now.  There is a lot of tenderness, and I still move slowly and with caution, however I can bend over and pick up things off the floor now without any long as I do it very slowly.

We watched the Winter Olympics on and off for much of the morning, but around Noon we headed over to Moreno Valley to our secret $2 movie theaters (Regency) to see, for the first time, "Hunger Games: Catching Fire".  I wasn't quite up to sitting in a theater chair for over two hours a few days ago, but Sunday I thought I was up to it, and I was perfectly comfortable.  We enjoyed this current Hunger Games installment and are looking forward to the next one to be released later this year.

We arrived back "home" just before 4 pm, and by 5:30 TLE was serving me my daily offering of  "street tacos".  Actually, after 9+ weeks of Subway footlong sandwiches forming the cornerstone of my diet it is nice to be eating TLE's freshly prepared food again, and still see my weight remaining under 190 during the past week of inactivity.  The one thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is that it doesn't take as much food to give me that "full" feeling anymore....that must mean my actual stomach has shrunk along with my exterior.

The weather continues to be a non-story here in Southern California, unlike the rest of the nation......our weather is just very pleasant day after day.....mid 70's, and mostly clear skies with very, very little precipitation.

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