Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekly weigh in....

Drum roll new low during this weight loss process is.....188.0!  Not having exercised for 12 days I am tickled to have been able to continue to lose weight, and if nothing else, stay below 190.  

I was given permission by my doctor on Thursday to start riding my bike again, but decided to wait one more day.  Friday promised to be warmish, getting into the low 80's, and by 9:30 am the air temperature was actually quite pleasant for a late February day so I got out our single bikes, checked the air pressure in the tires and we headed out on a gentle, slow rolling 9 mile round trip bike ride with a late breakfast at Simple Simon's thrown in for good measure.   It felt ever so good to be back on my bike, but there was the expected tenderness in my groin area which will, no doubt, be present for the near future.

We arrived at Simple Simon's around 10 am.......TLE got a cup of coffee and a croissant, and I a cup of coffee and a bagel.  As we sat outside sipping our coffee and nibbling at our pastries we couldn't help but feel happy that the last 12 days had turned out so well, when it could have turned out so badly.

The ride to and from Simple Simon's was extremely pleasant.....we arrived back "home" around 11 am.....TLE had a 3 hour shift in the Kiosk commencing at Noon, so she took a shower and was on her way by 11:50.  I decided to head to Subway to buy a footlong Club for the first time in 12 days.  Of course, I love their Club sandwich, but after 2+ months of eating one every day it has been nice to eat TLE's cooking again.  

After lunch I spent the afternoon reading a new book on my Kindle by another author who also lives fulltime in an RV, Nick Russell.  He released a new book a few months ago called "Dog's Run".  Nick also writes a daily blog which can be found here.  Nick is an excellent writer of mysteries and I highly recommend this book as well as his "Big Lake" book series (Big Lake, Crazy Days in Big Lake, Big Lake Lynching, and Big Lake Blizzard).

We have a back log of recently released movies we have yet to see......we don't like going to see a movie the weekend it is released......we don't like long lines, or big we wait several weeks before we go to see a movie on our "must see  on the big screen list".  I noticed that "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" was playing at the Regal over at the Riverside Plaza at 9:20 and suggested to TLE that we go to see it.....of course she agreed.  The movie grabs you by the throat early on and rarely lets go.  We both enjoyed it immensely along with the other two couples in the theater......our kind of  "crowd".  

We arrived back home just before midnight with big grins on our faces.....another day lived well!

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