Wednesday, February 5, 2014

D minus 6 - and holding

I mentioned yesterday that we might stay one more day, and that has been decided, so we are on hold for one day, then the countdown will resume with us lifting off this coming Monday, the 10th.  I have to have two new steerer tires installed on the coach, and replace the one 8d house battery that went bad back in November.  If all goes according to the plan, and the Jello does not object, we will be one our way to Arizona by Monday afternoon.

Tuesday was my last day in the we expected it was quite slow, but who is complaining?  Around 9 am I headed over to do my cleaning part on the two cabins, and was back at the Kiosk by 10:30.  TLE was just reading a book to pass the time and suggested I go ahead and take off letting her finish out the shift.  She had a salon appointment at 2 pm, and I wanted to visit my son's office to pick up some mail and deliver some items from the trailer back into storage, which meant if I wanted to get a bike ride in I would need to do it before we left at 1 pm.

I finally got my act together around 11:20 and headed out on a 13.5 mile ride doing my usual loop, but dropping by the Subway on University after summiting Mt. Rubidoux which accounts for the extra 1.5 miles.  I arrived at the Subway around 12:20, and found the line of patrons out the took me 25 minutes to work my way through the line, and by the time I got back to the coach it was 12:55, which meant I had to rush through my lunch, get dressed and be in the car by 1:10.......yes, I was in the car by 1:10, and everyone got where they were going  on time!

TLE left me at my son's office while she went to get her hair done, which was great because I got to spend time talking with Chris and Rochelle for a while, and Chris showed me how to use the "note" feature on my Samsung Note 3 phone.  TLE returned about 3:30 and we headed back to RJRP arriving there just after 4.

We had a big night of TV watching......not only did we have three recorded programs from Monday night (Almost Human, Castle and Intelligence), plus we had four live shows (Justified, NCIS, NCIS L.A., and Person of Interest).......being able to fast forward through all the commercials allowed us to watch 7 hours of TV in 5 and a half

I apologize for the brevity of my recent we get close to our departure date our focus narrows significantly as we spend most of our time getting ready to utilize the wheels on our home to change our view once again.

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