Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Counting down again

We are looking at departing RJRP on March 3rd.....that is our new departure date and will make it 3 weeks later than our original departure date.  I feel comfortable with that date, and my body seems to be co-operating.  Tuesday was the first day I did not take one pain killer pill, and I am moving around more easily, but still very cautiously.

I was able to get to the 4th and final docking light late in the morning, and coverted it to LED strip lights.  I had it all re-installed.....keep in mind that I test the lights all along the process, even after they have been installed in the docking light fixture, to be sure they work properly, and at each of the three tests I did using my 12 volt bench tester they worked properly, but as soon as I finished the re-installation and turned on the lights for the final test one of the two strips would not light up......ugghhhh!  So, back to removing the 9 screws (3 are just phillips head screws and are easily removed, but the last 6 require the use of the aforementioned 1/4" open end wrench, and that is a slow process) that hold these lights in place.  Ultimately, I had to remove one LED strip, as there was an unseen defect that ultimately resulted in its failure, and installed a replacement.  Once that was done I went through the re-install process, and this time when the switch was thrown it worked!  

From there I went to remove the porch light I removed the 2nd of 2 screws the lens and bezel slipped from my hands....I watched in horror as the glass lens hit the ground shattering into a hundred pieces.  I really enjoy keeping my coach's original look, and did not want to replace the fixture with something that would look out of place so I took the metal bezel into the coach, got out a magnifying glass to see what the manufacturer logo said......I could barely make it out, but the letters spelled FoMoCo.....Ford Motor Company.  I got on eBay and started my search and what do you know?  This light fixture is from a 1964 Ford was one of two back up lights.  It was then I remembered that the two back up lights on my coach are the same exact fixture!  I found a used replacement on eBay for $20, and there were multiple auctions for this same fixture.  At any rate, the conversion of the porch light is on hold for a few days until the replacement fixture arrives in the mail.

There are actually a number of Ford products used by Newell in our coach.....the steering column, the entry door handle and latching mechanism, the docking lights, the backup lights, and the porch light.....there are probably a few more things I have not yet discovered that are Ford products.

While I was engrossed in my LED conversions TLE was going through her recipes to "thin out the herd" so to speak.   By the time I had finished with what I was doing it was coming on to late afternoon, and time for a nap....I had just run out of gas.  I guess that is the biggest residual effect of my injury and subsequent surgery.....I get tired very easily.

So here we sit just 12 days from our new departure date getting excited again about a view change.

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