Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling normal

I has only been 5 days since my nether regions were sliced and diced, then put back together, and I don't feel anything near normal yet, but the amount of improvement I saw Thursday has added to my optimism that I will feel normal again in the not too distant future.  Right now my days have taken on an ever so narrow sense of accomplishment must come from the incremental improvements in my condition......there is no bike riding, and there will be none for another couple of weeks.  I am hoping when I see my doctor next Thursday I will be allowed to do some bike riding again.  There have been no Subway footlongs since Noon on Saturday, but I am maintaining my weight at 190, give, or take a few 10ths here and there....I was actually below 190 for one day, Wednesday, when I came in at 189.6........a weight marker I haven't seen for many years.

TLE continues to lose weight and has just dropped below another marker she has not seen in many years.....I will leave it to her to disclose the actual numbers, but from my perspective she is looking great!

The big thing in my life Thursday was to drive into my son's office (chauffeured by TLE) to pick up the owners manual for our VW Beetle.  I was able to acquire one on eBay for around $40 and it arrived Wednesday via USPS.  I've been able to figure out most things for myself, but there are a couple only the owner manual will answer.  One was how BIG is that gas tank really?  It turns out its capacity is 14.5 gallons, including a 1.9 gallon reserve when the fuel light comes on.......that is good to know, and explains why the most I could get in the tank just after the fuel light would turn on was just over 12.5 gallons.

We headed into the office around 12:30, but stopped off first at Rubio's for some of my favorite fish tacos.  TLE informs me that their two fish taco plate with 2 sides comes in at 600 calories, so I promised to only have a salad for dinner.

What she saw

What I saw

Several people commented on the first picture (TLE put it up on Facebook) saying I looked like I was getting too's probably because I'm still wearing my XL size t-shirts.....I'll have to break out my assortment of medium and large t-shirts again.  I am definitely not too skinny.....yet.

We spent the evening watching the Winter was a good day full of promise and a return to normalcy.

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  1. Clark, I made a point of meeting you at Rancho Jarupa when my wife Elaine and I stayed a couple of weeks ago, and today I just caught up on your posts. Wow! Good thing there is competent medical care there. Good luck and I hope you heal quickly.


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