Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two week "anniversary"

Saturday marked 2 weeks since the onset of my double hernia.....hard to believe it has already been that long.....time is flying by, and within 8 days we will be on the road again.  I still get tired easily, and continue to have tenderness in the groin area, and both are to be expected.  I still have to hold myself back from trying to do too much.

After my Friday posting about our late breakfast at Simple Simon's my daughter Kate mentioned she had not yet been there for breakfast, or lunch, so we made a date to meet her, Nick (future son-in-law I the beard), and our two grand kids, Charlise and Elijah, there at 9:15 am for breakfast Saturday morning.

TLE had to work in the Kiosk from 7 to 9 (the flu is making the rounds) to fill in for someone else.  I picked her up in the car at exactly 9, and we were on our way.

This place is very popular on Saturday mornings (they are closed on Sundays), and it is usually tough to get a seat inside, but just as we put in our order a table came open, and we were able to eat inside....I love eating outside, but it was only 48 degrees at 9:15.....I would have been fine with that as I was dressed for it, but the grand kids only had t-shirts on.

We had a lovely breakfast, and then took a nice walk down the mall.  There is a cool antique emporium on the south side of Mission Inn Blvd. called Mission Galleria that we had never been in so TLE and I bade Kate, Nick and the kids farewell and headed inside to explore their four floors of treasures.  I found a treasure trove of state license plates, but I was not willing to pay the $12 to $16 per plate they were asking, and their prices were firm, so I passed.  TLE, other hand, found a Marcasite ring for $20 she could not live actually is quite beautiful and matches almost perfectly some Markasite earrings she has, so I pulled out my bank card and transferred some money on her behalf.

The "must have"

We spent the afternoon sitting outside reading......I was finishing my read of "Dog's Run" that I mentioned yesterday.....the book has a surprise ending that totally caught me off guard, but I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

TLE headed back over to the Kiosk at 4 pm for another 2 hour shift to fill in, again, for someone else.  At 6 we were expecting some friends from our AYSO soccer days, Bill and Carol, to come visit and sit by the fire for a few hours, as well as our daughter Sharon, and her fiance, Rod.  We went through four bundles of firewood over the course of 5 hours, and had a lovely weekend it is supposed to rain, so this is probably our last shot at a weekend fire.

The sunset was balmy and beautiful......TLE got this shot on her way home from the Kiosk.

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