Thursday, February 6, 2014

D minus 5 - Boxed Gloves

The count down has resumed.....

About 3 weeks ago I ordered a new glove box for our 2001 VW Beetle....the one it came with was damaged.  I found one quickly on eBay, and bought it for $100.  It was shipped out a day, or two later via USPS from North Carolina.  I followed the tracking as the box worked its way across the U.S. and saw it was out for delivery January 23rd, but within a couple of hours the next entry appeared....."Undeliverable  As Adressed".....what?  I went to the 91730 USPS the next morning to see if the package was still there, but was advised in no uncertain terms that if that was what the tracking said it had already been returned to the sender. I notified the seller, and told him to watch out for the package and resend it as soon as possible after correcting, of course, whatever addressing issues had prevented its delivery.  Two weeks later, Wednesday, I checked in with the seller to see if he had received it back, or not.  He advised he had not, but said he would go down to his local post office and see what he could find out.  He had them call the 91730 USPS, and was told the package was still there.......come on!

About an hour later, just on a hunch, I checked the tracking again, and what do you know?  It was marked as delivered.  Apparently the call spurred someone there to actually look up the name and see what the address was, and what do you know?.......they found me and delivered it just across the street to my son's office.  As it turned out the seller had neglected to put the actual street number and street name on the shipping label.  Well, all is well that ends well.  I drove up to my son's office and picked up the glove box and returned home to install it.....and that took just 15 minutes to swap out the damaged one with the used, but in excellent condition, glove box.  I also ordered a 2001 VW Beetle owners manual on eBay, which I should have by Friday.

Also waiting for me at the office were the axle straps I mentioned a week, or two ago that I will need to tie down the car in the trailer.  The T'Bird had built in tie down points, but the VW doesn't.  So it's all coming together just fine.....we are ready to roll in just a few more days......I love it when a plan comes together!

Before, during and after all the glove box excitement I was continuing my quest to get the trailer organized and ready to receive the VW, and it looks like I am finally there.  Now it is just a matter of putting the bikes away, and rolling in the VW.

Before, during and after all of the preceding TLE was on several quests of her own......major shopping, cleaning, washing of clothes and bedding, and salsa preparation.  She does that stuff so well I just get out of the way and cheer her on.  That salsa is so strong it was making my eyes water a couple of yards away.....looking forward to sampling it at Sharon's engagement party on Saturday.......not sure if I mentioned it, but Sharon is having her engagement party on Saturday evening, which is why we have stayed an extra 10 days in RJRP.

We are getting that electric, tingly feeling of anticipation we always get just before we roll the wheels again after a long layover.  We will have been here just 5 days short of 3 months.....a little longer than we planned, but to say our time here has been rewarding would be an has been a wonderful time of re-bonding with our kids on a different level than when we left two years ago.  Our relationship has changed, and for the better.....not that it wasn't good before, but our relationship has evolved into an adult friendship.....they are still our kids, but I see them differently's good.  Plus we have been able to spend time with our grand kids.....they have changed so much in 2 years!

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  1. I have often wondered how you strapped in the T-Bird. I tried everything I could think of to keep three different vehicles strapped down in two different trailers over the last 4 years including axle straps. I could not keep them from moving.

    I finally put down etrack and bought some specialty straps for low profile cars. I have pulled a lot of miles since I did that in June of 2012 and these work great.

    I would like to see pictures of how you do it.


  2. Aaah, the anticipation of getting back on the road to exlore new places! We are in a similar frame of mind. We leave on Saturday after having spent almost 3 months at Marin RV Park. Today is cool and rainy and I am happily doing laundry and pulling shorts and t-shirts out of storage in anticipation of the warm weather we will find in southern California. Happy Travels!

  3. Hey Davy......the T'Bird always moved a little in transit....the straps just kept it from wandering too much. sad we will just miss you! We'll be in Arizona two, or three weeks, then into New Mexico....probably around the Santa Fe, Taos area.


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