Saturday, February 1, 2014

D minus 9 - 24 and 36

Friday was two anniversaries in was the 2 year anniversary of us traveling full time, and the 3 year anniversary since we moved into the coach to live full time.  On Saturday we will sign the 4th one year lease of our sticks and bricks home to our kids and their is good!

This also my weekly "weigh in" day......still good news to report!  I hit the magic 190.0.....another 2.4 pounds in the lost, but not to be found department!  I'm not quite done yet.......I'd like to lose 4-5 more pounds.

OMG.....only 9 days until we leave RJRP?  The countdown has started in earnest.   I have to start cleaning the trailer up to get ready to roll.....where did all that stuff come from, and where am I going to put it?  The way it looked first thing Friday morning there is no way the VW would have fit......we would have had to slide it in sideways.  Of course, that is the way it looked two years ago when we were leaving RJRP the first time, and somehow we got it organized in time for lift off then,and I'm confident we will manage the task again this time.

I was hoping to find one more bike this week to part out, but one just hasn't come along that fits my criteria, so it's time to put away the boxes, and packing materials once again.  I'm hoping I can find at least one bike while we are in Arizona in February.

The weather Friday continued to be quite chilly, and initially when I was out in the trailer putting things away I was all bundled up to stay warm.  TLE was off shopping at Target, Trader Joe's and other establishments......I knew she would be gone for a few hours, but around Noon I was thinking I would have to get on my bike to get my footlong, but TLE called offering to pick it up on the way!  That gave me more time to get more done in the trailer.

Around 11 a reader of our blog, Dan, who was spending a couple of days here at RJRP as he and he wife, also an Elaine, migrate south from Seattle to Borrego Springs for the winter.  He is also an avid cyclist, and had just returned from his conquest of Mt. Rubidoux.  He had read about my love of this local mountain and just had to check it out.  As I say meet the nicest people in this nomadic life!

Finally a little after 2 I had gotten to a stopping point, and got dressed for my daily ride.  Just as happened a few days ago I hit the 10 mile mark....just a couple of miles from home....and decided to keep riding, adding another 6 miles to my normal 12......this time I rode north on the SART 3 miles before turning around and heading for the barn.  By the time I got "home" after 3:30 it was getting quite cold, and I was wishing I had worn something a little warmer.

Around 4:30 I got a notification on my phone that an bike stem, which had not sold in my original auction, had sold after being relisted automatically for the 3rd time by eBay, so I boxed it up, printed a shipping label using PayPal and ran it over to the USPS just before they closed.

We watched "Bones" that night, and then a recorded TCM movie called "Walk, Don't Run" released in 1966, starring Cary Grant in his last movie of his 38 year career, Jim Hutton, and Samantha Eggar....a very funny movie!

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