Sunday, February 16, 2014


It feels like we are in sort of a sports vacuum right now.....sure, the Winter Olympics are in full swing, but the sports I enjoy on a seasonal basis are just not grabbing my attention right now, even two weeks after the Super Bowl.  By now I would have been watching NBA and College basketball.....with interest......but the interest is just not there.  I find myself in kind of a funk for the first time in a long time.....we should be roaming the earth....changing our view on a regular basis again, but alas, due to my accident we are stuck.  Mind you there are many people who would love to be "stuck" here at Rancho Jurupa where every day feels like Saturday, but when you have become used the nomadic life sitting in one place for too long begins to feel claustrophobic.  I know....."poor me".

TLE tells me it is a blessing the Winter Olympics are on now as they keep me occupied most of the day whilst I recuperate, since I am essentially "housebound", and that is probably the gist of it all......I am housebound while I recover.  Before the injury I always had my daily bike ride to capture, if for a short time, that feeling of my bike sits collecting dust, and I sit in my recliner.  What is humorous for me is that this has only been going on for a's not like I've been sitting here for months on end is only a week, with at least another week to follow.  We could probably leave here next weekend, but now our good friends whose home we are heading for will be out of town on March 1st attending a funeral, so we have decided not to leave until after March 1st......probably March 3rd, or 4th.

On the other side of the coin I have been able to get back into some long side lined projects such as the conversion of my docking lights over to LED's.  I spent part of Saturday converting the right front docking light over to the strip LED's, and that occupied me for a good two hours from beginning to end.....two down, two to go.

The rest of the day was occupied by the Olympics for me, and for TLE going off the Kiosk to work from 3;30 to around 6.  The rest of the evening we watched the Winter Olympics including the exciting replay of the overtime period, and shootouts of the USA vs. Russia hockey match, which the USA ultimately won.

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  1. Just catching up on all your happenings over the past week while we were out to sea.. and wanted to send along some extra (gentle) hugs and love. Cheers to progressive healing and not going too stir crazy.

  2. Thank you Cherie! The stir crazy thing is the battle right now, but it will not be too long until we roll our wheels again.....not feeling too nomadic right now......Cheers!


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