Monday, February 3, 2014

D minus 7 - Super Bust

Like many of you I spent the last two weeks in anticipation of an exciting, well played, competitive Super Bowl.  What we got was one team, the Seahawks, disproving the age old adage that goes "You can't beat a dead horse".  The Broncos "died" sometime just before the flip of the coin, and then the Seahawks proceeded to beat them up one side of the field and down the other for 60 minutes.  It was a mismatch of galactic proportions.  Little did we know that the real Super Bowl was played two weeks ago in Seattle where the Seahawks defeated the 49ers in a closely fought, competitive match worthy of a Super Bowl......this game was not worthy of the name.....I'll let it go at that, because to say more would continue the unfortunate "beating of a dead horse".

In other news......we did our last Sunday duty in the was largely uneventful, and by the time Carolyn arrived at 9 am she let us go an hour and a half early.  We spent the rest of the morning running a few errands, doing a little shopping, and then spending the rest of the day awaiting the beginning of the ugly horse beating.

I mentioned yesterday my sister, Jill, gave me a "thumb drive" chock full of pictures from our collective past.  I spent several hours prior to the start of the Super Bowl Bust pouring through those pictures, being transported back to my childhood.  I came a across some pictures from 1953 when my parents took my sister, Jill, and I on an extended trip around the western U.S. pulling a trailer with their 1952 Chevrolet convertible.

Boondocking some where in the west

Incline Beach - Lake Tahoe - on the same trip

The sign says it all

So, my exposure to the nomadic lifestyle began at an early age.....I was just 4 years old on this trip, and Jill was 2.  It was the beginning of annual summer pilgrimages pulling a trailer to Lake Tahoe to live for two heavenly weeks on the shores of Incline Beach, and the beginning of my love affair with "homes" that had wheels.  Like most 4 year olds I have very few cognitive memories of that time, and most all of them are about that epic trip.  I have one specific memory of being at Bryce Canyon at a place where I believed we would fall off a cliff.....I found a picture that documents that memory.

Here I am at that spot I, which I remember to this day, with my head buried in my arms.....I could not bear to look over that precipice. 

Jill and I on the beach at Incline Beach circa 1953

We continued that annual pilgrimage to Incline Beach until 1959 when Incline Beach Trailer Park was sold to a developer who turned the area into the touristy Incline Village we know today.  Over the intervening 54 years we have been back to camp, or rent condos dozens of times, and to this day it is still in my top 5 places to visit.  Can it get better?  Sure....this summer we will spend from just before Memorial Day until just after Labor Day at Lake Tahoe.

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  1. Not to get picky but looks like a 52 to me.

    1. Mike, you may be right.....was kind of guessing....they are similar.


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