Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zero Day - Back to square one

No one has ever poured an entire bowl of jello on my head before, but this past Saturday Miss Serendipity did just that.  I like to believe that nothing happens that is without reason.....what that reason may be I am still trying to figure out, but here we are still in RJRP....there are no wheels rolling......I didn't sit down in the drivers seat of the Newell Monday morning, look at TLE and say "It's good to be moving again".....and she did not reply "Yeah"......no, none of that happened.  Instead I awoke Monday morning  with only one thought on my mind....well...two thoughts on my mind.  One......when will I be discharged from the hospital?.....and two.....when are my bowels going to begin working again?  I don't mean to gross anyone out, but sometimes life gets right down to the essentials.

Dr. Astarita came by around 10 am and said he would have me discharged when I (here comes one of those essentials again) began to "pass gas"......okay....lovely.....my job Monday was to "pass gas" so I could go home.  As nice as Riverside Community Hospital is, it is, after all, a hospital.  People check in to hospitals because something is terribly wrong, and they need medical help....there is the ever present sound of faint moaning wafting down the hallways of the surgical wing....there is the ever steady stream of family and friends visiting in every semi private room all day long......and you are being awakened at all times of the day and night to be poked and prodded by a nurse.  The man I was sharing my room with (he was admitted with a burst appendix and was in a lot of pain after his operation to save his life) had no less than 5-7 people in his side of the undersized room all day, and into the evening.  My life revolved around prying myself out of my bed about ever 90 minutes to go to the bathroom, and all the attendant discomfort associated with that maneuver.   I was hooked up to an IV the entire time, so I was being over hydrated and that water has to go somewhere.....I was just the vessel it resided in for 90 minutes at a time before I had to "go" again.   There is no point in arguing with doctors, or nurses about the need for some much fluid.....you just stick your arm and and let them stick you again.  Of course going to the bathroom meant I had to take the IV stand with me.......you cannot imagine how difficult it is to unplug, and move one of those around your bed several times each night, then back into position so you can lie down again.

I did eventually "pass gas", but that miracle occurred late in the day, and by the time the good doctor came by again "we" (he) decided I should spend one more night.  As difficult as this "hernia" thing has been, the Sugar Beet Harvest was way more difficult, so I guess I should keep things in perspective.  

TLE came by in the morning to visit, but since I was doing fine, and improving steadily I saw no point in her returning.....no point in both of us being stuck in the small room with too many visiting relatives.  They seemed to feel sorry for me that no one was visiting me all day long.......hmmm.....I felt sorry for the poor guy who seemed to just want to be put out of his misery, or at least sleep.

I watched more Winter Olympics to pass the time, and finally turned off the TV around midnight.

So, our departure plans are on hold for at least two weeks.....maybe three....we'll see......I could probably be ready to go in a week, but I am not going to push it....I do not want to experience that kind of pain again in my lifetime if I can avoid it.  It is surprising how often owning a large motorhome involves lifting something.  My nurse says I'm not to lift anything greater than 15 pounds for 2 weeks......15 pounds? The thought of lifting something heavier than a coffee cup right now is very unappealing.  Besides it's not so much the lifting, but the pushing, pulling, and moving of things is always going on.....now TLE will have to be my go to person for these mundane tasks.

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