Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When it's time......

There always comes a time in this nomadic life when one must bid adieu to family, and/or friends.  I've written more than once about the bittersweet feeling that always seems to come when we must part ways with family and/or friends to continue our nomadic wanderings.  After all we have that "list" tucked away in a corner of our minds of people we have yet to meet, places we have not yet been, and things we have never seen before, and while we do not feel rushed to see "it all" immediately, that nomadic instinct is always there whispering to our sub-conscious in soft, seductive tones....."time to move on".  Those of us who have chosen a nomadic life over our former "sticks and bricks" existence wrestle continuously with this delicate tension between putting down roots, and continuing to move so roots do not get too deep in any one place, especially when we find a place, or people, or both, that touch us on a deep level.

There may come a time when TLE and I decide to put down roots again.....it may be sooner than later, or later than sooner....who knows?......but we do know at some point we may find a place we cannot leave.  We don't give that much thought right now, but it is always there just over a horizon we have not yet reached.  For now, as we make preparations to once again roll the wheels of our "home"  we are hearing the the call of the next horizon......there are people yet to meet, new highways to explore,as and new things to see and experience.  

Nevertheless, when it is time to say "until next time" and that bittersweet feeling wells up in us once again we will accept it.....we will embrace it, because we believe there will be a next time.  We are part of a "movable village", part of a diverse community that has no boundaries, and is made up of homes with wheels, in which some of  the coolest people on earth reside.  Come, "ride" along with us as the adventure continues.....

Monday (first Saturday) we decided to take a drive with Tom and Darlene up to Wickenburg, AZ about 20 miles north of Wittmann.....Tom needed to pick up a 30 gallon weed sprayer he had ordered at Tractor Supply.  In addition, we wanted to explore the downtown area, and get some lunch in the process.....not in any particular order.

We left Wittmann around 11:20 am and reached Wickenburg around 11:45.....first stop was El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant upon which Yelp has bestowed a 4.5 star rating.....I'm not sure I would go that far....I'm thinking 3.5 to 4 stars, but it was good.  Next we drove over to the "historic downtown" area of Wickenburg to walk around and see what might interest us.....unfortunately, at least on this day, nothing really caught our attention, so we got back in the truck and headed over to Tractor Supply where a lot of things caught our attention.....we spent about 40 minutes browsing up and down the isles while Tom acquired his 30 gallon weed sprayer.....with 1.5 acres you need a big weed sprayer!

On our way home a used tractor sales lot caught Tom's eye, so we stopped.....Tom likes tractors, and he likes blue, so it was only natural that this Lenar tractor caught his attention.

If the price had been right I think Tom would have bought it on the spot, but it was not to be on this day.  We arrived home around 3 pm......I spent the rest of the afternoon beginning to put some of our "stuff" away in preparation for our departure Wednesday morning.....Monday was one of the hottest days we have had since we arrived 3 weeks ago topping out close to 90.....another reason it is time to begin moving northward.

We had a delightful dinner out in the ramada watching the sun set yet again on another "Saturday".

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