Monday, March 31, 2014

And the winner is........Mr. Jello

We, and that is not the "royal we", arose from our slumber around 7 am......usually TLE doesn't get up until closer to 8......there was no wind at all.  We were talking excitedly about our afternoon of zip lining coming up at 1 pm.  Within an hour, or so the wind came up, so we checked the weather forecast which predicted the winds would get up to 30 mph and stay there most of the afternoon.  Hmmmm......I don't know about you, but the thought of being a hundred feet in the air being buffeted about by 30+ mph winds does not appeal to me, and especially not TLE, so she called the park and re-scheduled our "flights" for 1 pm Monday.

In the end that probably was for the best as we would have been there zip lining until near 4 pm, and we needed to move the coach to Sedona Pines after we got done, and that would have been a little tight beating sundown, so we decided to hang out until Noon, then move the coach into Cottonwood and park at the Walmart while I got a haircut in their salon, and TLE did some shopping, then move on over to Sedona by 2.....the total driving distance from our boondock spot to Sedona Pines is only 22 miles, so not exactly a grueling day distance wise, but we knew we would have to "drop" the trailer in the parking lot to get into our spot in the RV section, and that might take a little time as it is a small parking lot.

Since we had time to kill I got on my mountain bike for another descent down to the valley.....this time my disc brakes were functioning properly, so I went a little faster knowing I had the braking power to slow down if need be.  I was going to do two descents and two climbs, but by the time I made it back to the top of the 1 mile climb the wind was getting pretty hairy, so I decided one run without incident was good enough.

We spent the rest of the morning stowing away our gear, but not the point in loading and unloading it for a 22 mile jaunt. Putting the solar panels back down from their tilted position was an adventure in the high winds, but was accomplished without any misadventures.

We arrived at the Cottonwood Walmart about 12:20, and headed in for my haircut, and TLE's shopping.  I am actually pretty pleased with my $15.50 haircut.  TLE finished her shopping just a few minutes before my stylist was done with my cut.  We arrived at Sedona Pines just around 2 pm, and dropped the trailer in the parking lot.....fortunately there was just one spot left that would work for us, and that is the way it always seems to go for us.

Our trailer in the distance

Our site for 2 days at Sedona Pines

Once we were in our site, were hooked up, and had the satellite dish dialed in, all within within 30 minutes,  it was going on 3 pm, and we were both getting hungry, so we opened up our "Yelp" apps and began looking for a suitable place to have a couple of brews, and an early dinner.  Ultimately we both settled in on Oak Creek Brewery......Oak Creek Brewery does not serve food, however, just outside their entrance is Simon's Columbia Style Hot Dogs, where you can buy some really gourmet hot dogs and take them into the brewery to eat while you sample brews.

Every where you turn is a picture postcard shot

Oak Creek Brewery

Oak Creek Brewery has indoor and outdoor options, but the wind was still too blustery, plus the Kentucky vs. Michigan NCAA game was on, so we opted (mostly me) to sit inside.

While we waited for our hot dog orders we ordered our brews.....TLE chose an 11% ABV Knicker Kicker Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, and I the Prosperity Porter (6.5% ABV).  Within 10 minutes our hot dog orders arrived......for me the Sonoran Cousin beef dog with jalepenos and refried beans......amazing!

And for TLE the "Wunderhund" beef dog.......again, amazing!

We sat there cherishing every bite of these amazing "dogs", sipping our brews, and watching the end of a very close basketball game......Kentucky ended up "sinking" a 30 foot 3 point shot with 2.1 seconds remaining to win the previously tied game by 3 points........Yelp gives Oak Creek Brewing 4 stars on 131 reviews, and Simon's 4.5 on over 200 reviews......we agree on the Oak Creek rating, but would give Simon's a solid 5....some of the best hot dogs we have ever partaken none.

We spent the evening watching "The Amazing Race", "Resurrection" and "The Mentalist", and then hit the sack around 11:30......another day lived well.

By the by......I was asked yesterday via personal message how my weight loss was going, and I am proud to report that I have settled in around 190, and seem to be able to stay there without much effort.  I would like to lose 5 more pounds, but for now I am pleased to be maintaining my 21 pound weight loss eating smaller portions, not drinking as much beer, and sprinkling in a little "vigorous" exercise here and there.

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