Monday, February 29, 2016

1300 to Yuma.....

Usually when we are staying in Riverside, and we have a dental appointment in Los Algodones we leave very early in the morning to drive the 213 miles south, and then make the return drive the same day arriving back in Riverside late afternoon.  Our next appointment (TLE gets her crown installed, finally, and I get impressions for the crown which will go over the recent root canal I had) is Monday.  To change things up a bit we decided to drive down Sunday, spend the night in Yuma, then go to our early morning appointments in Los Algodones before making the return drive.

We decided we would leave Riverside around 1300 hours to make the drive south.......prior to leaving I took time to dump our gray and black tanks......the gray tank gets dumped every few days, and it was getting full, and it had been 11 days since I dumped the black tank.....a little longer than I usually wait when I must macerate its effluent into my daughter's sewer cleanout.

We were in the car and headed south by 1300, stopping at 1440 at the ARCO travel center in Salton City, as we usually do, to change drivers......I took the first driving shift and TLE the 2nd bringing us to our lodging for the night by 1715 (Historic Coronado Motor Hotel on 4th Street).  We paid for our room, dropped off our bags and began our half mile walk over to Prison Hill Brewing by 1730 arriving just 15 minutes before the end of 'Happy Hour'.  Usually we sit inside because it is either too cold, or too hot, but Sunday evening it was perfect weather for alfresco dining..... get things started I ordered an Expresso Porter, and TLE a Milk Stout......for dinner I had their fish and chips (beer battered talapia), and TLE their Halfway House salad (half the regular Big House Salad).  We enjoyed eating outside and enjoying the early evening air.

By 1930 we were back in our room for the night.....Monday we are off to our dental appointments!

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