Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dreamin'.....I'm always dreamin' *

The days are beginning to blend one into another, and when that begins to happen I begin to dream of rolling our wheels once again.......of changing our view......of being in South Lake Tahoe.  Don't get me wrong.....please.....we are loving being here in SoCal being able to see our kids, and their kids on a regular basis.....we are loving seeing our newest grandchild, Brayden James......we are loving our walks around downtown Riverside....I am loving my frequent bike rides to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.  Of course, it goes without saying that we usually love being where we are, or we wouldn't be there in the first place, but once you have gotten used to changing your view on a regular basis you are always wondering when the next adventure will begin.......your mind begins to drift repeatedly to visions of the the highway stretching out before you as you float down the road with everything you own in tow.

Nevertheless, until the day arrives when we roll our wheels north we put those dreams aside temporarily and continue to live our lives.  Right now dental schedules are keeping us where we are for a few more weeks.  

Friday TLE wanted to go shopping so I bid her adieu, got my bicycle out and took a 15 mile ride......of course the beginning of any ride in Riverside must include a run to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, so for the third time in as many days I crested the summit and began the plunge down to the Santa Ana River Trail where I continued northeast until I hit the 8 mile mark then reversed course back to the turnoff for Fairmont Park,  making a run around Fairmont Park and Lake Evans before stopping at the local Starbucks on Market for the requisite mocha frappuccino, then the last mile home.  

By the time I made it home it was after 1300 hours and getting warm, so I took a shower to cool down, then sat outside reading the rest of the afternoon.  Even though it has been getting into the mid 80's every day it is, after all, winter, and we technically live in a desert environment, so it is quite cool in the morning, and begins to cool off in the afternoon after 1500 hours.

TLE had bought a london broil for me to grill so I got grillin' around 1700, and by 1730 we were eating dinner, and another day closer to the day we are no longer dreamin' about rolling down the road.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Song - Dreamin' - Johnny Burnette, 1960

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