Saturday, November 17, 2018

The beat goes on.......

4:16 am - Saturday - November 17th - Campbellsville, KY - 30º F, 97% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northwest......foggy, but clearing to partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 56º F.  No more snow on the ground!

As I wrote, there was snow on the ground when we awoke Friday, but by 5 pm the clouds had been swept away, and by the time we exited the concrete bunker the snow was gone.  Inside the concrete bunker you have no sense of the outside world.  You have no idea if it is sunny, raining, windy, cold, hot.....nothing.  The ever present sounds of Amazon are all that you hear......beeping scanners, the clickety-clack of rolling cart wheels on concrete, conveyors grinding along, giant 'Big Ass Fans' moving air, and many, many smaller fans doing the same.  

Air movement and conveyors are a big priority at Amazon, and you are never far from either, except in Pick Mod P-1-C, where there are, mysteriously, no fans or conveyors whatsoever.   It is one of the great mysteries of the universe, at least in my small 1,000,000 square foot universe.  It is a haven in a sea of noise, a complete outlier, and it happens to be where I spend a great portion of each picking day.  I love it, and I hate it at the same time.  I love it for the reasons I listed, but I hate it for the sameness with which it burdens each day.  I, like most people, like variety.  Fortunately, I am getting just enough variety to just keep the 'hate' quotient at bay.  I am granted, by the great Amazon AI brief forays into other Pick Mods throughout the day, but I am almost always returned to P-1-C several times per day.  

I try to focus on its one big positive......the complete absence of machinery generated noise, and the sense of peace and solitude that derive from it, but just like in Pick Mod 'E' where you pick only clothing 99.99999% of the time, it gets mind numbingly boring, and pretty soon you find yourself longing for the sound....ironic, isn't it?

Friday's Amazon adventures seemed to pass least it did not seem longer than 10.5 hours.  I worked my time system to break the shift down into manageable time frames of 60-90 minute segments, only focusing on the end of the current segment which ends in either a bathroom break, a real 15 minute break, or a 30 minute lunch.  There are several other mini breaks in routine that further break those time frames into even smaller segments, such as when you are notified by the Amazon computer it is time to place your totes on the conveyor and move to another Pick Mod.  That process can take up to 10 minutes before you are picking again.  Hopefully, that notice comes several times during the day, or you will find yourself stuck perpetually in P-1-C where the laws of time and space do not seem to apply.

We were home by 5:10 pm, and quickly slipping into relaxation mode a few minutes after that.  TLE prepared spaghetti for dinner, and it was, of course, yummy!  We watched a couple of recorded TV episodes before the inevitable 8 pm bedtime came around to claim our bodies once again......wash, rinse, dry, repeat......and the beat goes on.....

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