Friday, November 23, 2018

Thinning the herd.....

4:23 am - Friday - November 23rd - Campbellsville, KY - 35º F, 86% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north.....clear today with a forecast high of 57º F.....time to go back to work......😑

We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with a select few good friends in Elizabethtown (KY) at the local Cracker Barrel.  The drive in took us about 45 minutes, and even though it was 'first come, first served' (no reservations) we only had to wait about 40 minutes to be seated.  We all had the Thanksgiving Special for $12.99 each, and it was, surprisingly, quite good which was a bonus added to the great conversation and fellowship of our 7 person group.

Front to back: Moi, Dan, Di, Fred, George, Linda and TLE

We sat down around 2 pm, and were walking out the door a little after 3 pm to make room for more Thanksgiving revelers awaiting their turns to be seated.  This was, of course, the main event of our Turkey Day, but before that I spent about 2 hours in the trailer leisurely going through a lot of stuff in my wall cabinet and discarding many things I was not using, would never use, or couldn't remember that purpose for which I was saving them.

TLE and I have been discussing our trip to Alaska this summer.  Originally we had planned to leave the trailer behind, and just drive the Newell into Alaska.  Our friends, Forest and Cindy, with whom we are traveling, had graciously offered to be our chauffeurs on our trip.  We figure the round trip is a little over 6,000 miles.  We began to realize this past month that by the time we get back to California in March we will have pulled that trailer almost 6,600 miles back and forth across the U.S. on this current trip, so why are we thinking of leaving it behind on another 6,000 mile plus trip?  Instead we are planning to strip down (thin out) what we take with us to Alaska thereby reducing the overall weight of the trailer and coach.  We'll leave our bikes behind for sure, our extra chairs, our portable satellite dish (won't be able to get DirecTV that far north), our artificial turf, and a lot of other stuff.  My tools, of course, will not be left behind.  After going over a preliminary list I think we can reduce our overall weight somewhere between 500 and a 1,000 pounds for the journey.  Anyway, that is our thinking now.  I began that process Thursday.

We spent our day trading Thanksgiving messages with family and is good, and we are very thankful!

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  1. As long as you go slow in the Yukon where they will be working on the Alaska Highway (they do that every year), and learn how to handle the frost heaves (swerve into and out of them at a slight angle), you should not have a problem. In the Yukon they tear up 10-12 miles of road, move down the highway and tear up another 10-12 2016 they had three stretches like this and it was only on the third stretch that we actually saw any work being done. On way back, they were working on the first stretch having completed the other two stretches. The washboard effect was TERRIBLE...12-15 mph for us.