Wednesday, November 21, 2018

'The Sun also rises.....'

6:46 am - Wednesday - November 21st - Campbellsville, KY - 29º F, 84% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west......mostly cloudy this morning clearing later with a forecast high today of 49º F.

We managed to sleep in all the way to 6:15 am on Tuesday.  It is still quite dark at 6 am, and frankly even at 7 am for that matter.  After a summer in Maine where the sun rose between 4 and 5 am for the first part of the summer I had gotten used to it being light outside when I got up each morning.  Here on the very eastern edge of the Eastern Time Zone it remains dark until after 7 am, and then the sky begins to lighten as the sun begins to peak above the eastern horizon about half past 7 am.  Most days we are inside the concrete bunker when it finally gets light outside, and soon it will be dark when we walk home.

Tuesday we pretty much vegged out all day recovering from 4 ten hour days.  TLE had a hair appointment at her Green Room Day Spa and Salon at 1 pm so I went with her so I could have coffee at Harden's and read my book while she had her hair styled.   The Green Room is directly across the street from Harden's, and right next door to Brothers BBQ.

 All ready decorating for Christmas and we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!

When we were getting ready to leave Heartland to drive over to Main Street for TLE's hair appointment I discovered the two gas shocks which help lift the rear hatch on the VW have both ceased working at exactly the same time!  The hatch will not stay up on its own.  So, right after TLE finished her hair appointment we headed directly over to Autozone to order some new ones.  Thankfully they can have them in the store Wednesday afternoon, so I will have a project to occupy my time, and be able to get them installed before we go back to work on Friday.  On a side note, it seems wherever we go in Campbellsville we run into former employees of Amazon.  Amazon is the biggest employer around here, so I guess it's not too surprising.....both of the guys we dealt with at Autozone were former Amazon employees.

We made a quick stop by the local Goodwill, but came away empty handed, and were back home by 2:30 pm.  I spent some time installing the new Actiontec HDMI wireless transmitter to replace the old one which recently bit the proverbial dust.  This wireless transmitter enables me to watch DirecTV in the trailer without running HDMI cables back there.  It was a bitter cold task as it was breezy, and the 'feels like' temperature was 31º F, but I got it working and remounted before I lost all feeling in my extremities! 

It is now 7:31 am on Wednesday morning and I can just see the edge of the sun coming over roof tops on the eastern horizon.....

.....which also means the clouds have gone is going to be a cloud free day!

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