Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A kick back, do nothing day.....

 3:27 pm - Wednesday - August 17th - Likely, CA - It is still 91° F, 17% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west by northwest.....still mostly cloudy, and the forecast high is still 91° F.  On this date in 2013 my mother (Virginia) and 3 of my siblings gathered together in Salt Lake City for the wedding of my brother's (Dwyer) daughter, Ingrid, to Randy Shoemaker......↴

It's a turn down day by The Cyrkle, aka: A kick back, do nothing day

Tuesday turned out to be a kick back, do nothing day.  You need one of those on a four day weekend, don't you?  Well, I'm pretty sure that must be a rule, anyway...if not, it should be.  TLE and I watched the entire Tottenham Hot Spurs vs. Chelsea (English Premier League).  I was not aware that Tottenham had not beaten Chelsea, or even scored a goal against them in years.  As it turned out Tottenham did score a goal and they were briefly tied, before Chelsea scored another goal.  Chelsea was still up 2-1 with one minute to play in added time when they scored off a corner kick via a brilliant header by Harry Kane......what a game!

Once again TLE and I played backgammon all afternoon.  I went on an initial winning streak of 4, or 5 games before TLE rebounded and won a couple, but then I went on another winning streak.  I can't imagine a more enjoyable way to while away the hours than playing Backgammon with my best friend....The Lovely Elaine.

We did get a beautiful, cloud shrouded sunset, which we observed from the comfort of 'lido deck'......

....I grilled a wild caught salmon steak for dinner, to which TLE added a side of white rice, and corn....a perfect ending to a kick back, do nothing day!

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