Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Still behind.....

 7:25 am - Tuesday - August 9th - Likely, CA - 61° F, 60% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the east......mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 88° F....a nice drop from the 95° F we had yesterday.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were eating a late lunch at Sonney's BBQ Shack and Grill in South Lake Tahoe.....just in case you might wonder what a 1 pound BLT sandwich looks like here it is......↴

As I write I am still two days behind.  I had very good intentions about writing about Sunday yesterday (Monday), but decided to go play golf all afternoon instead.  So what happened on Sunday?  Well, not really very much. Sunday was the second of three successive days with temps in the mid 90's (it hit 95), and after 10 am we were pretty much inside the rest of the day.  We did watch a couple of Premier League soccer matches from beginning to end, which we have not done for a few months now, mainly because it was their 'off season', but now soccer is back, and there will pretty much always be recorded games to watch throughout the week.

Something I have not written about much in a while are the mosquitoes, which, as the temps have increased, have gotten steadily worse here at LPG&RVR.  I've tried several suggested alternatives to 'Cutter', or 'OFF', both of which have 'deet' in them, but they have not worked for me.  One suggestion was to start taking vitamin B1 every day, and I have for two months now, but still get swarmed by mosquitoes.  One person suggested rubbing sage leaves over your arm and legs, but that did not work either, however, I did smell really good, that is if you like the smell of fresh sage, but the mosquitoes still like me.  When we were back in Georgia back in 2019 after working the Peak Season at Amazon in Kentucky our good friends Roscoe and Geni suggested this special hair conditioner spray called 'Olive Miracle', which did work on Georgia mosquitoes, but does not work on Likely Place Golf & RV Resort mosquitoes, apparently....lol.  At any rate unless I wear long pants, and long sleeved shirts I get bitten day, and night when outside.  It's a little hot for long pants, and long sleeved shirts, but as a concession I am now wearing pants on the four days I work, and that has helped with mosquito bites below the waist.  If any of you have any other alternatives to 'deet' based sprays, or lotions, please let me know.  And to be fair to Modoc County, the mosquito problem is really golf course based....they do a lot of irrigation here at LPG&RVR at night, as you might imagine would be necessary in a pretty arid environment, to keep the course green, and there are a lot of holding ponds all over the property to hold that much needed irrigation water.  The result is we live in a mosquito breeding environment.

Even though the temps have been in the mid 90's lately, it still gets down into the 50's at night, which makes for good sleeping weather, with the daily temps occasionally dipping back into the 80's like today (Tuesday).  And really, lets be real....mid 90's is not terrible, and I have gotten used to it, but my ideal operating outdoor temperatures fall more in the 60's to 70's range as I get older.  Going to work early (6:30 am) helps a lot, also, but on days off we really don't feel like much outdoor activity when it is over 90° F.

It's funny, when we were on the Oregon Coast for a year I did enjoy the very cool summer temps, but it was so damp all the time, and was not good for the Newell, or trailer, and there were times I longed for a more arid locale, but I guess that is really the point, isn't it?  No place is perfect all the time.  In spite of the mosquitoes here at LPG&RVR, which are really only a problem after June, there is so much good about this place that we are willing to overlook the mosquito issue....it would just be nice to find a repellant solution that did not include 'deet'....lol.

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