Friday, August 5, 2022

Things are slow.....

3:48 pm - Friday - August 5th - Likely, CA - 84° F, 30% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the west.....mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 86° F, which we will not attain today.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were lunching at Flathead Brewing I love that smile!.....↴

Wow, here I am typing my blog on time two days in a!  Things have been slow lately, but Thursday things began to heat up with 13 cart rentals in all. Certainly we've had bigger days, but not for a few weeks now.  Thursday is also 'clear the balls off the driving range so we can mow' day.  As evidence things have been slow lately here is a picture of all of the balls I collected Thursday.....

That's about 4 small buckets of balls worth

....about 3/4's of a 5 gallon bucket. There were so few balls I just used the 'Shag Bag' to pick up the took me less than an hour, and less than that to wash to wash them.  After deploying 10  carts to begin the day, I then spent a big part of my morning watering dry patches of grass around the park.  There was also some hand weeding, but all in all it was a slow day.

I was home by 3 pm, took a shower, then typed my previous blog post, just as I should each afternoon.  I got into the mid 90's Thursday, and was I ever glad I had gone to work at 6:30 am.

TLE and I watched the season finale of 'Alone' to close out the evening....the surprise winner, to us anyway, was Juan Pablo who chose not to have a fire in his rustic cabin for 62 days, and chose to 'fast' the final 22+ days thereby saving calories by not having to hunt for, and chop wood, and not having to hunt for food....a surprising strategy, but it worked for him.

We were treated to another interesting sunset.....

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