Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Sunday, work day.....

8:49 am - Tuesday - August 23rd - Tahoe City, CA - 58° F, 40% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northwest....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 84° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were having lunch in Meyers, CA (near South Lake Tahoe)....↴

While we are currently in Tahoe City, CA I have not yet written about Sunday, so here goes.  

Sunday was the fourth of four work days, and the hotest day of the four with a high temperature of 95° F.  Before I did much else I needed to wash the 12 late return golf carts, as many of them would also need to be staged.  I had the 5 Club Car electrics, and 10 Yamaha gassers staged by 7:30 am.  As it turned out we only rented 11 carts on Sunday as we had a lot of guests leaving LPG&RVR....a typical 'vacuum' day....lol.

I spent a couple of hours raking gravel on a couple of the cart paths as the gravel, over the course of the summer, has been pushed to one side or the other creating a somewhat washboard effect.  By 10 am I was not quite done with that task, but it was time to begin mowing.  In addition to mowing the small pavilion, and the group fire pit area, I also managed to mow all but 4 of the pull through sites.....11 in all...before it was time to give TLE her lunch break.

By the time I returned from my 30  minute lunch break there were 8 carts to wash, meaning there were still 3 out on the course, and they did not return until after 5 pm.  By the time I closed up shop I was one tired, dirty puppy, but I needed to drive into Alturas to fill up the VW gas tank for our drive south to Lake Tahoe Monday morning.  We meant to fill the tank four days earlier when we went to Alturas to do our weekly shopping, but we both forgot.  The nearest gas station south of us is in Standish, which is about 80 miles, and we did not have enough left in the tank for that distance....I hate it when that happens....lol.  Anyway, after taking a quick shower I was in the VW driving 20 miles into Alturas to fuel up the Beetle.

I was back at LPG&RVR by 4:05 pm, and managed to take a short nap before I went to pickup TLE from the Clubhouse.  Was I ever looking forward to heading south for 4 days to enjoy our old stomping grounds at Lake Tahoe.  Time for a vacation from our vacation.

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