Thursday, September 8, 2022


 8:23 am - Thursday - September8th - Likely, CA - 68° F, 23% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the north by northwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 92° last....the heatwave is ending, and the temps are coming down!  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were walking the South Cape Trail at Cape Blanco, OR......↴

We have gotten away from walking for numerous reasons, but mostly laziness.  We say it is because of the heat, or it is too windy....blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, we resolved to begin walking again on our days off, at least, so first thing Wednesday we headed out to Jess Valley Road again.  It is a nice walk, and I never, ever get tired of the view..... I have related previously, the walk out and back is just around 2.03 miles in total.  A perfect distance for us.  The forecast high temp for Wednesday was 98° F (it got there), so we were out walking by 7:30 am, and back just after 8 am.  It takes around 35 minutes to walk the two miles.

We changed clothes quickly and headed into Alturas to do our weekly shopping.  Usually we would have waited until our fourth off day to do our shopping, but I had scheduled a haircut at Kaleidoscope for 9:30 am.  We arrived at Sheila's shop just at 9:30 am, and while I got my ears lowered TLE made a Rite Aid run.  She returned just as I was getting out of the chair.  From there we headed over to Holiday Market to buy mostly produce....this is one of the things I love about being nomads!  Since we have limited refrigerator, and pantry space we must shop more often, and as a result always have fresh produce and meat.  We were home before 12 pm.

As you know from reading my four work days compilation, we received our Starlink package late Tuesday afternoon, and I had decided to 'install' it Wednesday after we returned from shopping.  By this time it was 96° F, and I knew I was in for some heavy perspiration.  Saying I was going to 'install' it is really an overstatement as the hardest part of the installation was running the 65' cable into the coach through the electrical bay, and up in to my hanging closet by my side of the bed (driver side).  That took about an hour.  Once that was done all I had to do was plug the 'dishy' cable into the router, and then the power cord into the router.  Once the router had power we had internet within 10 minutes.  How much easier does it get?

The router

The 'dishy'

The simplicity of the setup, and installation is pure genius....anyone can do it!  I joined a couple of the Starlink Facebook groups a few months ago, and virtually every post I've read over the intervening time has raved about how easy the setup was.  The problematic ones are few, and far in between.  I ordered our Starlink package online on September 1st, and had it in my possession by September 6th, and there was the Labor Day weekend in between....amazing.  Say what you will about Elon Musk, but what he has accomplished in somewhat of a short timeline with Starlink has revolutionized the mobile internet issues all of us nomads face on a daily basis.  All you need is a view of the northern sky.    

Once the 'installation' was complete I put away my tools, and settled in to stream some TV programming.  Now that we have Starlink we will have to begin to make some hard choices.  I've had DirecTV since 2004, and my Winegard Traveler satellite dish is only 3 years old....I paid over $1,000 for that high definition, automatic dish, and putting it, figuratively, on the shelf kind of bugs me, but life marches on, right?  Right now my monthly bill for DirecTV is $149.  Starlink with the RV endorsement only costs me $135/month (without the RV endorsement it is $110/month).  Additionally, now that we have Starlink I will not need the U.S. Celluar phone I've been paying for since we were in Southwest Harbor with no Verizon service back in the summer of 2018.  I pay almost $80/month for that phone.  By cancelling DirecTV, and U.S. Cellular I'll save close to $230/month....that is significant.  I'm already paying for several streaming services, and have access to several others via friends, and families, for free.

Eventually I will install the 'dishy' in a more permanent fashion, but for now it can sit on the ground where there is NO foot traffic, or danger of it being run over, and stepped upon.

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