Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Workdays summary....

4:41 pm - Wednesday - September 7th - Likely, CA - 95° F, 34% humidity, wind 18 mph out of the west by southwest......partly cloudy today and hot!  Forecast high of 97° F has come and gone.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were visiting Flaming Gorge, UT......↴ 

Since I posted about Friday our four work days have passed, and we are now off work for the next four days.  So what happened on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday?


It was my first of four work days on the Labor Day weekend.  The park was full, and we had enough people signed up for tee times that we would need 19 golf carts initially, so I staged 20 to begin the day.  There were no carts to wash first thing, so around 9:30 am I headed out on the John Deer riding lawnmower to mow the tee boxes I mow every week....18, 17, 16, 15 and 3.  I was back a little after 11:30 am to stage an additional 5 golf carts.  I relieved TLE for her lunch break, and returned from mine around 1:30 pm to find 10 golf carts already returned, and ready to be washed and put away.  By 3 pm I had washed 15 carts, with 6 still outstanding.....  

Sunrise around 6:40 am

.....I was back at the Clubhouse just before 4 pm for the weekly putting contest.  In my first round I was tied with my opponent, DeWayne, and won the round on the 5th and final hole.  MyWh second match was against the owner of LPG&RVR, Dennis Tate.  After 4 holes I was up 1 with one hole to play, and win.  Unfortunately, I missed an easy 3 foot putt and was tied with Dennis.  When we are tied after 5 holes we go back to the first hole and make one putt and the one closest to the hole after one putt wins.  I put my putt within 6 inches of the hole, and thought I had won, but then Dennis sank his 21 foot putt to win the match....doh!  You gotta make those short putts.  We were playing double elimination, so my next match was against Mike, and we were tied going to the second hole when I missed another short putt, then repeated the fiasco on the 3rd we entered the 4th hole I had to win the next two holes to tie, and go to a one hole playoff, but Mike putt his first putt close to the hole, as did I, meaning we tied, giving him the match win with one hole to play.  All that being said, I putted well for the first 9 holes, and fell apart after that, but I still had fun, and that is what it is all about.


Sunday was another very busy golf day, and by noon time we had rented 19 golf carts, and that was it for the day.  It was close to 98° F by that time, and people tend to lose interest in playing when it is that hot.  I was able to get all the rented carts washed and put away by 3 pm, and headed for home.


Although Monday was Labor Day, it was our least busy day in 4 days.  We rented just 9 golf carts, and watched the RV park empty as people headed back to their workaday lives once again.  After staging 10 golf carts I headed out to rake the four sand traps located at holes 4, 12, 15 and 18.  Monday was also the designated day to clear the driving range of golf balls so it might be mowed.  In all I collected 3 five gallon cans of balls, and had them all cleaned before 12 pm.  I was off by 3 pm, and recovering from the 99° F day's high in the air conditioned confines of the Newell by 3:05 pm.


You might recall that just late last week I ordered my Starlink package, and was advised late Thursday that it had been shipped via FedEx that very day, and would arrive here at LPG&RVR by Tuesday.  Knowing FedEx had the package caused me to have concern that it would really arrive Tuesday, so I checked the FedEx tracking several times, and was assured the package was out for delivery....

Sunrise Tuesday around 6:40 am

....Tuesday was the least busy day of the four work days this week, and the forecast high for the day was 101° F.  I made several rounds of the golf course marshalling, and and in spite of only renting 8 golf carts managed to stay busy, and had all the rented carts washed and put away by 3 pm.

TLE was home a little after 5 pm, and thus began our 4 day weekend.  The FedEx guy had still not arrived, so I opened the front curtains to be sure we would see the truck if, and when it came into the park.  Within 20 minutes I saw the truck, and went outside to see if he had our package.....

.....and he did!  Had I known how easy it would be to install it I would have done it right then, but I decided to wait until Wednesday morning to do it.  I can't believe it got here on time, and I guess I owe FedEx a big thank you....this!

Stand by for the next installment and the installation of our new Starlink 'Dishy'....thanks for stopping by!

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