Monday, September 26, 2022

The final round.....

5:12 pm - Monday - September 26th - Likely, CA -  85° F, 20% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the southwest......clear, blue skies today with a forecast (now past) high of 87° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and were watching this amazing sunset at Seal Rocks RV Cove......↴

We slept in until almost 8 am Sunday.....I am still in awe of how quiet it is easy to sleep in!  We began our day, as has become our custom on days off work, with our standard 2 mile walk out to Jess Valley Road and back.....

.....and it was a new 'world record' with an elapsed time of 32 minutes, 52 seconds!  Seriously, we are not trying to beat our prior times.......we are just getting more fit, and just walking faster.....

Still managing to maintain my boyish like figure.....LOL

As one might imagine after reading the prior two days blog posts, we spent virtually the entire day watching the singles matches at the Presidents Cup.  The U.S. began the day with and 11-7 lead, and ended the day with the final score at 17.5 - 12.5 points....the U.S. only needed 15.5 points to win the Cup for the second time in as many years.  Frankly, it was a lot closer than the score would indicate.  A key putt here and there for the U.S. was the ultimate difference.

Our new Starlink internet continues to work flawlessly day after day, and we are able to stream TV programs anytime day, or night without interruption.  It is probably one of the best investments we have made since becoming fulltime vagabonders/nomads.

On the health front, TLE and I continue to be asymptomatic to the Chinese Flu, and frankly, as one might tell from my lack of comment for quite a while now, we rarely even think about it, or speak about it.  Over the last 6 months most of the 'truths' which were immediately labeled as lies by the media, and the social media outlets have been proven, and subsequently acknowledged to be true after all.  We continue to see ads on TV by well known, national pharmacies promoting the falsehood that getting vaccinated will protect those around you, and your young ones (in order to promote getting vaccinated, or getting boosted) when all it really does is protect the person getting vaccinated from getting a bad case of the Chinese DOES NOT protect anyone around you from getting it from you, or anyone else who has been vaccinated.  Even if vaccinated one can get it, and even pass it on, so why the falsehoods by the national pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid)?  On the other hand, we now know that being vaccinated does not prevent you from getting the Chinese flu a first, second, or even third time.  Only those who did not get vaccinated, but got the Chinese flu, will not get it again.....getting it, and recovering is the only true way to be immunized.  To be clear, I am not promoting getting it while unvaccinated, as a way to become immunized, so please do not go there.  The only people we know who have contracted the Chinese flu are those who live, and work in large population centers, and that is what I am promoting....get out of the large populations centers, and move to rural America.  The only people who die from it, for the most part, as has been known from the beginning, are those over 70 with significant co-morbidities.....those cases account for over 90+% of all deaths from the Chinese flu.  That's my 2 cents, and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. I agree with you on most points but one.
    Our close friends who were never vaccinated have gotten the Covid twice. They are healthy, retired people who ride bikes every day.
    No blanket rules but prayer and distance. Lol
    Linda a.


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